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They make any phone calls before they send a cab? Uclon experiance? - Viewer Forum Uclon experiance? Yes, I used Uklon and had only good experiences. Yes, the 75 AUAH rate is a reasonable rate for a city taxi for such a long way (it is not far here - only ~7 km from the Zhuliany Airports to Independence Square).

Yes, cabs, if you stay behind the terminals, we won't bill you 300 uahs.

Taxis can even be avoided as the trolleybus from Zhuliany runs to the centre of the town every 20 minutes and the cost of the tickets is only 3 UAH. Trolleybus timetable: Departures in the trolleybus schedule mean departures from the inland air traffic terminus, the trolleybus passes the stop near the airport 2-3 minutes later. The trolleybus does not go directly to Unabhängigkeitsplatz, but you can either take the trolleybus to Besarabska qm and go only 900 metres on foot, or if you do not want to go - take the trolleybus to Uiversytet underground stop and then take the underground for 2 stations, the underground will cost 4 UAH.

Do they make any telephone conversations before they call a taxi? Yes, they do, they also text you with the driver's cell so you can co-ordinate. Where exactly are their automobiles at the airports? I don't really want to spend long walking around the airports looking for my cab.

it' not far, just 150 yards from the terminals. There' s only one street from mall to mall, so it's not possible to go the other way. You might even think you're far away from the town. In addition to the trolleybus there are marschrutkas, which drive more often, but have no formal schedule.

Humble Ukranian taxi-app calls Uber - May. 24, 2017

In 2016, two major taxi companies visited Ukraine: U.S. company Uber and Russia Yandex. Taxi making massive investment in their rollouts on the 42 million human race mart. However, they were not the first Internet-based taxi company in Ukraine. For a long time, the local company - Uklon - had been dominating the local markets. That is insulting and unfair, says Uklon founders and CTO Vitaliy Diatlenko.

There' a big distinction between Uklon and its gooliath opponents. Uber and Yandex lose cash in Ukraine, Uklon makes a profit. Yandex and Uber lose both. Over, the most costly start-up in the globe that raised 8. 8 billion dollars in investment, can afford spending large sums to stop rivalry in some 570 towns around the globe.

Uber has allegedly suffered great casualties, and so has Yandex. Taxi, also with its relatively small number of 46 towns in Middle and East Europe. But Uklon is even more humble, with only 10 Ukranian towns in his area. "It' not a billion bucks, but enough for a little bit of freshly baked cheese," says Diatlenko.

Said he expected Uber and Yandex to compete. taxis even before they began their Ukranian rollouts in June and October. Mr Diatlenko said that the advent of major rivals has compelled Uklon to go to the Gas for some innovation. However, soon there could be one less rival for Uklon - on May 16 Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko placed Yandex Yandex.

Taxi's futures in Ukraine in question, when he issued a decree signing to upgrade the lists of businesses and individuals who are subject to Ukraine's penalties against Russia. Though Yandex. Taxis are not on the Yandex taxi service map and most other Yandex taxi service map, which are used by the driver. However, says Diatlenko, the contest has encouraged Uklon to development.

"At first we weren't in a hurry to get better because we were alone in the market," Diatlenko said. It has been almost a year since Uklon launched its own competition on the French overseas shelves. However, while the Ukranian press is scrutinizing every move by technology tycoons from abroad and covers their launch in every town, Uklon has to buy advertisements to announce that new towns will become available in its application.

Actually, Diatlenko even asserts that Uklon has got his first order before Uber. This is how the Ukranian taxi system works, and this is not quite wrong, says Diatlenko. "Diatlenko says such trading terms give gamblers a great deal of liberty.

In Kiev, the Ukranian Internet-based taxi services business focuses on the number of customers. In the past, Donetsk was a strong competitor of the main city, but the markets fell apart after Russia started its own anti-Ukraine campaign in the Donbas. According to Diatlenko, it can sometimes be a challenging task to tailor your services to the needs of your customers, who in his opinion vary from area to area.

Driver and customer attributes are also different within the boundaries of a given nation, he says. Uklon, unlike Uber, has not invested much, which means that it has become slow to offer its service in new towns. Nevertheless, Uklon started its first international store in Tbilisi, the georgia capitol, in early 2016.

However Diatlenko says that it is more difficult to work there because of the Georgian mindset - he says that Ukrainians bear more responsibility. Usually they think of technology enterprises like Uber, Uklon and Yandex. Taxis as an employer. This means that it is always hard for such taxi businesses to build a good relationship with their driver.

Relations between Uklon and the riders in Ukraine have worsened since the new riders came with cash and tried to persuade the riders to work for them. "You have given them benefits (such as a higher wage and bonuses) because they can do it - they have a great deal of money," Diatlenko said. Riders who wanted to make more cash - which Diatlenko says for almost every rider - asked Uklon to do the same.

Here we are trying to capture the supermarket, not buy it," says Diatlenko. Finally, however, Uklon tried to provide more discounts in order to keep its riders. This includes the business in partnership with the KLO and WOG service stations, a number of auto parts dealers, as well as suppliers of engineering and insurance solutions.

In April 2017, Uklon founders and CTO Vitaliy Diatlenko posed for a photo in the company's Kiev offices. But Uklon didn't always have such a strong connection with his team. Uklon worked with taxi companies from the company's inception in 2010 until early 2015 and, when a customer made a complaint, was not able to directly resolve problems with the driver.

Uklon therefore began to work directly with the riders. Now Uklon can evaluate its riders, and if they don't get along, they can be excluded from the advantages or even thrown out of the system. Only a few taxi companies still work with the firm today. "Diatlenko said our arms are free and we can take action now."

Today's taxi shop is a little like on-line matchmaking: someone makes two acquaintances get together, but what happens next is a question of happiness. Diatlenko says it seems that the driver and passenger never stop to complain. "No one will ever be content in a human service," he says.

Customers always see the truckers as number three, and the state of the vehicle is never good enough. "Yes! There were cases," says Diatlenko and tells tales of strange passenger and chauffeur. Sometimes, according to Diatlenko, even riders behave weirdly. In one case a rider took a wife with him, she supported separationism in East Ukraine and wanted to hand over the Donbas to Russia.

On the other hand, the rider was a Ukranian nationalist. Over the past two years, Uber has introduced parcel and food distribution in various different markets, and Uklon has recently followed this example. Now Diatlenko doubted the reasonableness of the further provision of the ministry. Said that there are many cases where something goes awry while the riders deliver a parcel.

"It'?s a totally different story from the provision of taxi service. "Somebody was expecting it," Diatlenko said. and Diatlenko said there were many of them. Currently no one wants to buy Uklon from Diatlenko, but there are deals to buy.

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