Downtown Cab

Taxi in the city centre

Each protagonist in the game has the number of the company and can call a taxi to pick it up. Down Town Cab Co. - GTA 5 Wiki manual

Downtown Cab is available for $200,000 in East Vinewood. Franklin TWO gets access to exclusive missions: standard tariffs and preferential tariffs. When Franklin joins a downtown cab, a normal tariff is activated, while Raul, the executive, does NOT call a downtown cab to activate a promotional tariff.

Normal rates usually vary (plus tips) according to the distances to your final destinations and your mileage. There is always a single turn for the traveller on bargain tickets, and when the ticket price is finalized you will get around $200-300 plus tip. In addition, the business is generating $2,000 in cash per week that goes right into your pockets!

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Downtown Cab Co. can be bought by Franklin for $200,000.

Downtown Cab Co. is generating $2,000 a dollar a month after the first buy and all taxi trips are free for Franklin. He will also be able to carry out private taxi fare inspections after the sale, get phone call from the business executive and ask if he can take a traveller through the city.

Vapid Stanier Cab Co. uses vehicles that are varnished in the company's paintwork as servicing vehicles for all tariffs. It seems that the group is a small enterprise, as it has only one deposit. So Franklin buys the Cab Co.

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