Empty Leg Private Jet Deals

Private jet deals with empty legs

We offer free flights on empty routes for members of the Sky Access program. The Jetsmarter tried to buy empty legs with a discount and then give individual seats to the members. For passengers who are used to the comfort and luxury of private charter jets, so-called empty-haul flights are a familiar concept. On two trips, said that empty leg flights have changed the private jet game.

Blank leg - available every day in 1000s

Please refer to our Empty Leg Guide for all information about the mechanism behind our empty leg. As an alternative, you can also turn to us for more information on free leg for calculating the flash velocity. The prices depend on the period of the flight transfer in case of a change of the origin or destination of the flight.

How a private jet charters is done is very easy; renting a private jet means renting the whole plane for the whole length of your itinerary. That is, if a prospective client wants to travel from New York to Florida as a one-way journey, that client would be charged for both portions of the journey, as the plane would return substantially empty, and the client would be liable for all airline costs associated with his or her journey.

Fly home means that you would pay about half the price of the private jet rent. Blank stages are always available and are quoted directly when one is available for your travel enquiry. Our Principal Charters staff will work in close collaboration with our staff to provide a cheaper option whenever available.

Whenever a private jet is reserved for a one-way journey, empty routes are available for the journey back because the plane must travel on an empty route to get back to the prior destinations and collect the next people. That means you can reduce the costs of a traditional private jet by up to 75% by making an Empty Leg Private Jet deal.

An empty route is a journey intended to take without a passenger, usually back to its home base or to its next point of departure to prepare for its next chartership. Vacant travel is not efficient for air carriers as it is not profitable. But it is often very difficult to find a neutral position for your journey, in relation to where you want to take off and where you want to go, and the time you want to take off and landing.

With our adaptable vacancy booker, you can optimize your current empty routes by redirecting the plane to your target. All you have to do is adjust your cruising range while you're on your way to the ultimate site to which the plane has already flown. It maximizes efficiencies and allows private jet passengers to book a trip at a discounted rate.

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