Orange and Cinnamon Air Freshener

Air Freshener Orange and Cinnamon

Instructions on how to make a fresh airimmer with orange and cinnamon. There'?s a bad smell in the air?! Expand your car or desk with a wonderfully fragrant air freshener Cinnamon Orange!

Simple to make and perfect to give away, these are also great autumn gifts! The air freshener recipe is quick, easy, non-toxic and smells like heaven!

Instructions on how to make a fresh airimmer with orange and cinnamon: Step 5

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Zimt Orange Air Freshener

We have cinnamon broom at the front of our shop so that every moment the automated opening closes you are struck by the hot, aromatic fragrance of the cinnamon. And even the arts and crafts shop has containers of beautifully smelling pine cones right next to the wagons, so you can't be courted by the aromatic autumn smell!

So you can say for sure that I am a cinnamon aficionado! As a case rolling around - or at least a touch of it in Florida - I gave my DIY wall glass air freshener an autumn change and I think you'll like it! Mix 1 tablespoon of polymeric crystal*, about 1 pot of warm mains hydrogen and 10-20 droplets of ethereal oil in a mixing pan.

I used 10 droplets of orange + 10 droplets of cinnamon bark for this air freshener.

A label with directions can be added and you can write down which ethereal oils you have added. Once the gels start to dehydrate, you can freshen them up with a little extra warm running tap-a spoonful of warm running cold running cold and a few extra droplets of olive oil. "Watersorb superabsorbents disintegrate into nitrate, carbondioxide and non-toxic waters with an intrinsically pH neutral."

These air refreshers are best used in confined areas - in cars, in cupboards, at desks, etc. They do not diffuse into the air or are sprinkled, so they do not smell in a large room. When the fragrance becomes too weak, put a tablespoon or two teaspoons of hot mineral waters and a few more drops to refresh it!

This is the wintry edition of this air freshener with a light rosemary and curly mint fragrance >> Fresh Air freshener! Learn more about my favourite methods for using Young Living ethereal oils: Join my All Things Oil Pinterest Board for more great thoughts!

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