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Jet hire in Australia. Wide selection of aircraft, airports and heliports for flights to Australia. <font color="#c400c4">(newscaster) Your personal plane to Melbourne, Australia.

MOELBOURNE is the capitol of the state of Victoria and Australia's second biggest town, situated on the large pristine cove of Port Phillip on the south-west shore of the province. Australia's ECOC, the town is a significant center for arts, drama and entertainment, and there are innumerable sights and places of interest to discover during your journey, such as the National Gallery of Victoria.

The Melbourne Museum and the Royal Exhibition Building, a breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site located in the Carlton Gardens, a haven of tranquility in the flourishing Central Business District. Melbourne not only has a wealth of architectural heritage and scenic tree-lined walkways, but is also a contemporary town and a lively business centre with massive sky scrapers and a lively dining and dining area.

And Melbourne is also home to an incredible amount of nature and there are many stunning sandy areas where you can experience Australia's beautiful sands. Phillip Island is known for its outstanding fauna and there are many outside park areas that are well worth a trip, such as Phillip Island Nature Reserve, just a stone's throw away from the center.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital and explore the winelands surrounding the town for a great dining and tasting session of some of Australia's best Australian winemaking past. There is a complete listing of empty departures to and from Melbourne that we update every day. Looking for a one-way trip and some flexible departures, you can reduce the cost of your trip by up to 75%.

Unfortunately, there are currently no empty legs available that meet your needs. Feel free to consult one of our private aviation consultants for alternate solution or to divert empty legs in the same directions.

Australia lightweight aircraft

Our company has many years of expertise in providing airline charters to our customers in Australia and internationally. At LJA, we provide aerospace solution for companies and private persons in Australia and Asia Pacific. No matter whether it's advising on choosing the right plane for a one-off Airbus or participating in our cost-saving fleet management programme, you can be sure that we offer you the best possible solution.

In addition, we advise you on the purchase or sale of aircrafts, the management of new and legacy aircrafts or the formulation of aerospace strategy to support the development of your strategic vision for your company. In LJA, we run a citation jet squadron. When you are an accomplished businessperson who feels that spending a lot of your valuable resources in your pocket is worth the effort, this airplane is perfect.

If you are looking for a luxurious journey, one of our personal aircraft is the ideal solution to begin your vacation. Should you wish to make your flying even more frequent and your charter even more cost-effective and uncomplicated, you should opt for our air ticket programme.

There are a number of appropriate ways for you to purchase blocks of lessons with our jetliners at a discounted price. From 1 to 101 seats can be carried, according to your needs we will choose the right plane for your missions. However, whatever the reasons why you need a personal plane for chartering, the one thing that is certain is that you will be avoiding the hassles of a bustling international hub and possible lateness.

Choose when you want to go and get to your plane 15 min before departure. When you choose LJA, you know that you are opting for one of Australia's premier providers of charters where you are our top choice as a customer. Brisbane's newest FBO / Executive Lounge is located at Archerfield Jets Australia.

AJB is situated in the centre of south-east Queensland at Archerfield Airport and 20 min from Brisbane CBD. Brisbane's facilities provide some of the most comfortable and strategically important FBO service Brisbane has to provide, as well as airport facilities such as an airport lounges, airplane warehousing, shuttles and carparks. It can also accommodate your meeting and events in our meeting room and hanger.

From our bases you have an effective option for privately owned travellers to and from Brisbane - flying directly to Archerfield without stopping and saving precious travel times and costs. Archerfield JetBase provides a comprehensive range of general and personalized air transportation solutions and is committed to ensuring that all our customers, crew and customers receive secure, effective and first class air travel at great prices.

Archerfield Jet Base is open 24 h a day, 7 d a w ay and 365 a year. Our main emphasis is on providing passengers and pilots with the facilities and supporting service required by General aviation travellers to make sure that all approach and departure procedures are comfortable, smooth and stress-free. The LJA is an expert in the management of aeroplanes.

AOC ( AOC ) (Aircraft Operator's Certificate) and we are operating from our Archerfield Jet Station 20 min away from Brisbane CBD. Our company can provide you with cost-effective management of your aircrafts. Our state-of-the-art suspension system and the FBO in Archerfield enable us to provide your plane with the highest level of service.

There are also arrangements throughout Australia with other hangar installations so no where you want your plane stationed we will make arrangements. Our MRO ( MRO ) (Maintenance Reparatur and Overhaul) provider networks ensures that your airplane is properly service and repaired to the highest possible standard. Owners who are interested in renting their aircrafts to cover operating costs can join our rental pool.

No matter whether you are considering the purchase or sales of an airplane, LJA can support you every step of the way. When you want to buy an airplane from LJA, we have many years of airplane procurement expertise. Conversely, if you want to resell your planes, we make sure through our worldwide partner ecosystem that your planes have the largest presence in the market to maximize fast sales at a value for money.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today if you would like to talk more about selling airplanes.

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