Helicopter Flight Cost

costs of helicopter flights

School Helicopter Flight Costs Detail Cost of each allowance or credit assessment on the basis of the FAA minimum requirements. Hundreds of hours: - The specified operating time corresponds to the FAA minima. The real cost may be higher. - Exam fee not including ( estimated $500-$700 per check). - Rates are valid from 2 April 2018 and are liable to changes.

- During periods of high propellant cost, a propellant supplement is levied.

  • FAA rules stipulate 200-hour helicopter flight times to direct the M22.

The Manhattan Sky Tour: 2018 New York helicopter flight

Travel to the sky of New York City for a 12-15-minute helicopter flight over the Big Apple's landmark. Drive to central Manhattan Heliport on Pier 6 for your flight. Accurate start times vary depending on the options chosen, with windows available in the mornings, lunches, afternoons, afternoons and afternoons.

As soon as you are secured in your state-of-the-art helicopter, it is your turn to start your flight. Close to Manhattan city center you can see Governor's Islands, Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty and the larger New York Harbor. Climb up the outskirts of the archipelago and admire the magnificent view of a skyscraper on the way before arriving at the USS Intrepid, a World War II airlift carrying a modern day military building.

Cruise down the Hudson River and enjoy a stunning view of the town and famous sights such as the Chrysler Building, Met Life Building and Empire State Building. Near the city's port, you can explore historical Ellis Island, once the starting point for million of immigrant seekers seeking a better lease of life in the United States, along with other New York rides such as Battery Park, the Federal Reserve Bank and the New York Stock Exchange.

No matter if you are a New Yorker or if you are coming to the US for the first visit, this flight is an unforgettable journey. Notice: The quoted rate does not take into account a heliport/security charge of US$40 per adult to be paid at arrival.

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