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In order to avoid Mahon after arriving at the airport, you can rent a car, take a taxi or take the bus. Find cheaper flights to Menorca Mahon from other airports on our travel guide pages. Come and visit Spain's most peaceful island holiday destination with flights to Menorca. Journey from London Heathrow (LHR) to Menorca (MAH).

But what about Menorca?

But what about Minorca? The small neighbouring island is not so well known, and yet it has a lot to offer to curious explorers and holidaymakers seeking relaxation. This flight search engine is imbattable and sends you on a dream vacation that is not expensive. Minorca est idéale pour les vacanciers avides de soleil, mais aussi pour les randonneurs.

Most secluded criques ne sont accessibles qu'à pied, qui est une combinaison idéale de la marche et la plage. Once vous atteignez le sommet, vous serez à bout de souffle, parce que d'ici vous aurez une vue unique sur l'île entière. Archaeology lovers will love Menorca.

Explore et admire des fouilles bien conservées qui te racontent une histoire intéressante sur la culture talayotique. Minorca n'est pas seulement une destination parfaite pour les amoureux de la randonnée et de l'histoire, mais les amoureux de la nature sont également entre de bonnes mains sur Minorque. The island offers endless long, dreamlike sandy beaches that invite you to sun bathhe, idyllic little bays where you can spend a day almost alone with your loved, as well as small, unhabited islands that give an insight into the untouched animal world.

Who would like to experience more over the animal and plant world Menorcas, should make a trip to the nature reserve S`Albufera d´es grey. This area has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and invites you to errow through a natural paradise. If you want to combine your next beach holiday with nature, hiking and history, Menorca is the place for you.

But you can also just enjoy the fantastic beaches, if that's more your thing.

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Relax in the family-friendly resort towns, luxuriant verdant hills, remote bays and without a doubt the best Spanish beach; when it comes to tranquillity and tranquillity, Menorca is the place for you. Menorca may not be as popular as its noisy Balearic sister Mallorca and Ibiza, but Menorca has as much to offer as the ideal vacation area.

First of all, it's got more shores than the two of them put together. This is the place for you if you like your sandy sands, your crystalline and hot water and some wonderful abandoned creeks, bay and rocks. Minorca is really a canopy! Minorca is a piece of Spain at its best and once you have moved away from these shores you will, if you can, find another complete paradise.

A small hilly village and gentle landscape with many old Talayotic and romantic remains - a great hiking area if you feel like it.

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