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Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is the cornerstone of Boeing's business offering and offers its passengers an exceptionally luxurious service. 737 Boeing Actual meteorological conditions for 3,000 international destinations are shown on the chart. The Global IR Satellite provides global coverage, which is shown on the chart and updated every 60mins. The Global Radar system provides areas with heavy rainfall on the chart every 30 min. Rainfall totals show areas of rainfall on the chart that are actively updated 12 x daily.

Airmeters/Sigsets published by government agencies that forecast important meteorological conditions that may be dangerous for air travel are automatically upgraded every 30 minute. Captured flashes of electricity on the card, updating every 15 mins. Windspeed and winddirection on the chart, in 1.000 feet steps, 12 updates daily. The borders of the worldwide flight information area and the upper information area are superimposed on the chart.

Different ocean icetracks, among them North Atlantic Track, which are superimposed on the chart. Navigator way points and respiratory tracts for high and low flights superimposed on the chart. Gain an immediate view of the delays at the global or regional airports. Be aware that more than one activity can cause the page loading speed to rise and the page yield to fall.

Fly with BBJ: From oven for your favourite BBJ food to putty grens

A commercial airplane that has been transformed into a company airplane is perhaps the ultimative airplane that can be bought for cash. Known as the Bizliner, company planes allow their proprietors - usually leaders, government officials or military officials - to participate in one single meeting on opposite sides of the globe, offering endless customization possibilities and all the luxuries of a typical passenger cottage.

Seventeen Boeing approved centers are located around the globe. As soon as one client chooses another, Boeing will deliver a verdant - or incomplete - plane to the center, working in close cooperation with the client to determine where the cabin will be located and how many bedroom rooms will be needed.

One $57m BBJ 1 usually costs an additional $20m-$25m, one $68m BBJ 2 can extend to another $25m-$30m and $74m BBJ 3 holders can count on another $35m-$40m. Boeing has also begun offering executives of the much bigger, longer-term 747 and 787s, which have a listed retail value of $330 million and $200 million, respectively, since the launch of the BBJ in 1999.

"With a 747, we'll often see that the owner spends as much - if not more - on the cabin as he spends on the plane," says Taylor. While all Boeing executives are able to transport well over 20 occupants in high-density configuration, most Boeing executives opt to offer this in favor of more luxury and roomy settings - by adding rooms, a bathroom and a host of individual details - to the point that they are often only used for three or four people.

One of the BBJ's great advantages over planes such as Bombardier's Global 6000 or Gulfstream's G650, both of which have a similar cruising distance, is that they offer about three fold more cab room and far more customization options. It was the first airframe company to join the rebuilt commercial jet aviation industry in the late 1990', and the Middle East and North America, which account for nearly 60 percent of overall orders, saw great uptake.

Though the BBJ is often associated with leaders, with 40 percent of government contracts, almost half of all BBJ contracts come from individual clients, while 9 percent come from charters and 4 percent from business clients. One of the things Boeing is currently focusing on is the market introduction of the BBJ Max 8 (see picture above), which will offer the same cab interior as the BBJ 2, but with 14 percent more reach and 13 percent more Fueliciency.

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