Alaska Airlines Operated by American

American Airlines operate Alaska Airlines

The miles earned on AS-coded flights of American Airlines. An American flight operated by Alaska: What about pockets? Where can I get checked in?

An American flight operated by Alaska: What about pockets? Where can I get them? Between SEA and F. A.I. services are code-share services. When checking in at, can he go all the way to the AAI for inbound and baggage checks? Checking in with the surgeon's desktop, e.g. AS instead of AA.

When everything is in a booking, you can go through to your ultimate goal. Always, always, always, ever inspect with the performing Airline ( or the Airline whose name is printed on the side of the aircraft, in the case of American Eagle/Alaska, operated by Horizon or Skywest/Delta Connection/etc) of the first flight section on that day/set of connections.

You can do this for both your flight check-in at the airports and your on-line check-in. Therefore you are checking in (online and/or at the airport) with AA for your MEI departures and with AS for your flights to Andes. Either carrier will be able to hold baggage up to your point of arrival (as is basically always the case when you buy a one-way flight of an carrier - except very rarely); both carriers will be able to provide Boarding Cards for all departures at the airports.

You will not be able to have your ticketing system operated by an air company other than the one with which you are checking in, and you will not normally be able to do so with the operator for segment operated by an operator other than the one with which you are starting out. This means that you are unlikely to receive your on-board cards from your on-line check-in for AS-operated one-way or AA-operated round-trip travel.

To obtain an Alaska Airlines record location for a American Airlines book jet, follow these steps

At Alaska Airlines we have several partners that go through alliance airlines. There' s one of them on American Airlines. This makes it possible to make a reservation on for a ticket that has an American Airlines ticket number, but the ticket will actually be on Alaska Metals. But if you make such a code share reservation, you will receive an American Recordfinder.

Unfortunately, this location is not enough if you want to make certain changes to your booking, even include space allocation. To do this, you must get your Alaska Airlines record locator. No. Obtaining an Alaska Airlines record Locator for your booking that has been made through American is simple, although it may take some a while.

Luckily, Alaska keeps introducing new ways to get the PNR. You can call American Airlines reservation at any of the numbers below, contact Alaska Airlines on Twitter, or now you can even send an SMS to Alaska 82008 and they will tell you the appropriate Alaska PNR.

It is possible that you will be on the waiting list for a while, but at some point you will be transferred to an American Airlines reservations representative. Provide them with the data collector of AA, and they can provide you with the corresponding data collector for Alaska. Then you can use this data set Locator on the Alaska website to see your complete booking.

Alaska Airlines can also inform me that their account managers can help you via Twitter. Note that the initial American tracking device did not even have the airline number of Alaska, which could be useful information at the airports. You can now choose your seat and contact Alaska if you wish to make any other changes that you cannot make through

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