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Log in to your account to view your list of upcoming trips, or enter your confirmation code or e-ticket number. Log in to My Account. How can I see my route? You' ve got the lowest fares, organised a petsitter and got your pockets full. However, before you go, you choose to review your route, perhaps printing one or two copies for yourself and your family.

Amazingly, this is not always as easy as you might wish, because every carrier does it a little differently.

Note or copy your verification number, which is normally needed to find the itinerary. This is sometimes known as a verification key or data set locator and generally consists of many numbers and/or characters. Find routes on mobiles and apps: This can be the simplest way; just go to your airline's travel website or get their application.

Usually a shortcut to My Trips or Reservations or similar will open and you will immediately find what you need. Visit the airline's website (links below) and obey the simple instructions to get the information you need. Tip: You know the e-mails the airlines send you when you make a booking?

You are considering making a trip filename (or folder) so that you know where to look for all your trips. These are all US airlines, but the notion is the same for airlines all over the globe; go to the homepage of your airline's website and search for words like "My trips" or "Manage trips" or "View flights" and you will find what you need.

of Alaska Airlines: On the Home screen, click Travel Info, then View/Change Flights, then type the last name and either your verification key or e-ticket number, and then click Next. For American Airlines, click the My Travel/Check-in page on the home page and insert your details. From the Home screen, click the My Trips page, type the information you need, and then proceed.

Fronttier Airlines: Just go to the homepage and click on Manage trips, then on My journey and the rest is simple. Visit the Travel Planning page or select Manage your flight on the homepage; type your verification key and name or login with your TrueBlue account; you will need your e-mail adress and your passcode (and they will help you if you can't recall your passcode).

South West Airlines: To view and split your itinerary and make a query for your name and your verification number, click on the Flight at the top of the page and then on the Manage your reservation button. Unites Airlines: On the Home page, click Bookings at the top of the page on the upper menu on the screen, then click Modify or View Bookings; you' ll need to enter your name and your verification number, then click Search.

When you have a MileagePlus login you can login and find the route. Click Administer on the home page (at the top of the page) and you will be able to view your travel route by entering your verification number and name or login to your Elevate mileage accounts.

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