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Combat aircraft for sale

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Now you can buy your own F-4 Phantom fighter for a total theft.

Now you can make those fantasies come true thanks to the people at Platinum Fighters: They' ll be selling you your own F-4 Phantom II for a whopping $4 million. Warbirds News reported on March 14 that the Phantom McDonnell Douglas F4H-1F Phantom II Bu.145310 - a pre-series version and the eleventh that was built before the aircraft was finally renamed F-4 in September 1962 - is available for $3.95 million.

When you have the money, why not board the plane that was also the first in the F-4 familiy to be equipped with bomb carrying points - and, as Warbirds News states, afterwards contributed to persuading the U.S. Army that the fighter plane could act as both a battle tactician and a fighter as well.

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Florida firm sells Soviet MiG fighters in prime condition.

One Florida firm specializing in used commercial jets and choppers also trades in old jets, especially from the former USSRblock. St. Lucie, Fla., has a wide array of fighter planes from the renowned Mikoyan-Gurevich airplane engineering office, from the MiG-17 of the 1950s to the MiG-29. A series of MiG fighter jets from the Russian block.

A MiG-17PF (NATO codename: Fresco), which once belonged to the Luftwaffe, has a sporting appearance and is the oldest. Inside the plane is flawless and the outside is a light aluminium hull with polar marks. Based on the origin of the plane, it was constructed in 1960 and spent 30 years outdoors before it fell into the possession of a privately owned collectors and restorers.

MiG-21UM (Fishbed) hunters are also offered by the group. The MiG-21UM, a contemporaneous of the F-4 Phantom II, fought its US equivalent in a series of battles, among them the Vietnam War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. MiG-21UM was produced in three factories in the Soviet Union.

Raptor provides aircrafts in Russian, Polish and another unidentified series of markers. It is an analogue airplane from the industry time with clock faces and buttons in the passenger compartment. MiG-29UB is lacquered in Russian aviation disguise, a blend of shale, broken whites and chilly blues. There is a Nanchang CJ6 available, a China based coach propelled by the Luftwaffe.

When you want to pilot a former US Army airplane for near assistance, Raptor has OV-1 Mohawk and A-1 Skyraider.

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