Central Taxi Phone number

Taxi central telephone number

TL: Did any celebrities use Scarsdale Taxi? Taxi Central - Opening times The Central Taxi is an advanced taxi operator that serves clients in the Niagara and Belleville regions. Since we are an authorised taxi operator, all our taxis are covered by insurance and are checked periodically and have accident management security in place.

Taxi chit brochures are sent to clients with their bank number. Fill in the form and give it to the taxi cabbie. On the other hand, the riders hand in their own bits to us for pay. Once a month we issue an invoicing to the accountholder (company or private person) with a list of all the journeys made.

There is a small administrative charge depending on the amount of the taxi charge.

Communal spotlight: Scarsdales Central Taxi in the Age of Uber

For more than a hundred years, Central Taxi has been a joint facility and Peter Blier has been working for the business for 37 years. It met with Traci Dutton Ludwig to talk about live, the people, the time in Scarsdale, Crown Victoria, friendliness and what it means to sit in the driver's chair.

Peter, tell me how you began with Central Taxi and how this experience developed: Born in Edgemont, I was always interested in automobiles. At the age of eight, my au pair went out with a young Central Taxi chauffeur and I thought the gig was cute.

The 19- and 20-year-old taxi riders and au pair had a lot of connections at that point, because the au pair always wanted to take the trains to the town on their free day. Because of my studentship I was rejected, and because the former executive wanted staff who could show a uniform temporal engagement.

We' ve brought in all sorts of guys who work as chauffeurs and schedulers. Telephone answering machines are also available in scheduling. Your task is to receive phone conversations from future travellers while the traffic controller is communicating with the driver via wireless. As a rule, at least two persons per shifts and per working day work in the scheduling department.

Closing time is when the last north metro reaches Scarsdale railwaystation, which is usually around 2:35 a.m. Since we reopen around 6 or 7 a.m., we are open every morning for 20hrs. To quote TL: Do most schedulers also have car ownership expertise? Yes, almost all of our dispatcher are also registered as a driver.

Like I said before, many of the riders come from other professions in the municipality - coach driver, coach driver, administrator, local employee, firefighter, Scarsdale Post employee. There are about 50 riders, of which about 20 are on call at the same moment. Offering ample leg room, ground surface and boot room capability, they can meet the needs of a taxi business like no other vehicle.

TL: What is the story of Central Taxi? Edward O'Brian founded the business in 1912 as a cart for horses. The second and third generations Bliss kids and grandkids also act as car technicians, owning and operating a car workshop in White Plains.

Since time immemorial, the dispatching department has been situated in the immediate vicinity of the railway siding. So when the base was rebuilt and Starbucks moves in, we move to where we are today. TL: What were your particular wishes regarding the design of your dispatching point? On both sides we have placed oriels so that we can see how our humans and our automobiles come and go.

As there is no longer any staff to occupy the railway stations, we are the semi-official, humanitarian face of the whole area, for those who get on and off the trains and come to the villages for the first and foremost. Often when locals sleep on the trains and miss their stations, Metro North conductor advises them to drive all the way to Scarsdale because they know we are here and can help these locals get home.

TL: As the " face " of the railway yard you must get many answers! It was twelve years ago that Uma Thurman got off the bandwagon and came to our windows to find out about the situation of a particular road. We have always ministered to the locals, but now "local" is going to be understood in a much wider sense.

For us, this shift in ages means that we used to send long-rooted local college kids in search of part-time work. These young riders were trained from the bottom up. What has remained the same, however, is that we get humans who have important links and links to this area, and they remain long in the workplace.

Über riders last about six month. It took taxi driver 18 month on avarage. The central taxi driver remains in service for many years. There are five or six riders who have been with us for over 40 years, and we have 15 riders with over 20 years. In taxi traffic, this type of allegiance is characteristic.

TL: What do you lead to the Central Taxi triumph with this kind of durability? You have to be agile and you have to be respectful towards others. TC: Taxi drivers used to be regarded as a hazardous occupation. PB: Years ago, taxiing was even more hazardous than it is today.

Today, with the help of GPS surveillance and camera surveillance, we are in permanent touch with our vehicles, so there is less probability that something like this will happen. Sometimes we get folks who run away and don't buy. Once I drop off a bloke in Fleetwood running around the block last night. This one.

After a long while, when he didn't come back to the truck, I glanced into the pocket and it was full of rubbish. Oighty per cent of our businesses are repetitive travellers with a Scarsdale or one of the cities within a one mile mile from the railway stations - Eastchester, Hartsdale, Edgemont and Yonkers.

Least one side of the journey must begin or end in Scarsdale. TL: With the rivalry of Uber and other automotive service providers, what benefits do you give your customers that these other businesses can't? A lot of people ask for certain riders, so we take these wishes into account or suggest another rider with a similar person.

During " flight-weeks " and our vacations we get additional driver and take all the persons and automobiles we can on the street. We' re also fully committed to remaining open to snow storms and cyclones, and we have experience navigation on snow-covered highways, frozen hilly terrain and submerged highways to get passengers to and from the railway stations.

As with the security services of the community and the voluntary ambulatory service, there is a degree of emergency response demanded of a taxi business. I' ve been told that Uber is not as controlled as a taxi business, which can cause a big sore head if something goes sour. As taxi businesses operate in local communities, taxi businesses are subject to regulation.

As we are bound to a community, our riders must perform annual tab wallpaper scans. Given that biographical data passes through a German government data base, these controls are more thorough than the kind of basic, nameless, one-time backgrounds used by businesses like Uber and Lyft. When you call Central Taxi, immediately talk to a face-to-face at our East Parkway dispatching desk.

This means taking people to and from work, taking grand parents to where they need to go, and making appeals for the kids to go to work. We offer a particularly useful extra value to elderly travellers who have ceased to drive, and these are often more at ease with one of our trusted chauffeurs than with a newcomer.

So your riders will become part of the familiy in a way that is uncommon in today's unnetworked, cosmopolitan world. There is definitely a societal element to running and running a taxi that is getting wasted in this day and age. What is more, there is a need for a taxi that is not a part of the world. Smartphones destroy the small talc arts. Many years ago we encouraged our riders to have conversations with our customers.

Well, the driver often just say "hello", because some folks would rather be on the phone than talking. Hello" is the time for the driver to assess the passenger's interest in a call. A few choose a calm trip, while others want to tell you their personal histories. There are even a few older travellers who really enjoyed the chat so much that they visited us at the dispatching desk to make contacts and have a small meal without even needing a trip.

Simultaneously, we recognize that younger humans live their life through applications on their mobile devices. That' s why we are working on our own application, which allows everyone to apply for a Scarsdale taxi trip via a smartphone. At the moment our telephone number 914-723-0016 is set up to receive both text inquiries and telephone conversations.

It is effective when children are loud in the classroom or somewhere or somewhere where they do not want to be seen when they make a call. Today I ask everyone to save the central taxi number in the contacts section of their phone. TL: Did any VIPs use Scarsdale Taxi? After picking him up from Waldorf Astoria in New York City, I took him to Scarsdale where he gave a talk.

A big fellow sitting in the front chair, he smoked a cigarette and had good conversations all the while. At Park Avenue folks in other automobiles kept turning around and shouting at him. An unforgettable journey was also made with Balanchine's Musen, one of the Balanchine Musen who used to stay in Scarsdale, the Allegra Kent balls.

And even if you only saw them through the taxi window, folks in other automobiles kept turning around and staring at them. No movement, so she got out of the taxi, picked up her pockets and took a huge, charming jump over all the bars. What about all the forget things folks put in cabs?

You know, folks keep leaving mobiles and major cards. Humans get used to the hasty, disconnected urban mindset, but it doesn't have to be that way. The central taxi can be contacted by telephone or SMS at 914-723-0016. Keep up to date for a central taxi application that' soon up!

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