Boiling Cinnamon

Cooking cinnamon

In order to cook them, simply drop the cinnamon stick(s) into a small pot of cold water. In cinnamon cooking, you release a number of beneficial compounds, including cinnamon aldehyde and eugenol. Explore the art of making fragrant, delicious and healthy cinnamon tea by cooking Ceylon cinnamon sticks.

Use Cinnamon Power: 12 ways to use it in your home

Zimt is only a delicious supplement to gourd cake and gooey rolls! It has been said for several thousand years that this herb has a curative effect: the Chinese and Egyptians used it abundantly and it is said in the Old Testament. The old sages certainly knew one or two things: cinnamon has many curative and aromatherapeutic advantages.

Today we can use cinnamon in many ways to smell our houses and make them smell cute. Here you can find out what you can do with cinnamon and what makes it so effective: Aroma-therapeutic properties: Zimt gives you the sensation of being hot, secure and sheltered. The wise trusted the fragrance of cinnamon to encourage satisfied and heightened emotions.

Therpenoids are some of the curative compounds found in cinnamon. Of these, one, cinammon aldehyde, is an effective anti-fungal and anti-microbial drug. Below are a few ways you can use cinnamon in your home: Oven-boiling potspourri. Put a saucepan of apple wine or a glass of boiling soda on the heat and put in 1 to 2 tbsp of cinnamon.

Beautiful pot pourri on the stove eliminates odours and substitutes them with a delicious homely scent. Potspourri booster. Spread a few droplets of ethereal cinnamon seed essence on each dried potspourri and put it in a flat dish on a cooler, on the refrigerator or where there is probably some throughput.

One bowl of crushed cinnamon fills the environment with a fragrance of sweetness. Pour a droplet of ethereal cinnamon seed on top of a cold light bulb. If you switch on the light, the fragrance is softly spread throughout the room. Blend a few drops of ethereal cinnamon essence with cold mineral waters or wodka and spray into any room to eliminate bacteria and odours.

Spread a few seeds of crushed cinnamon on your stove burners. If you turn on the distiller, the wonderful smell of cinnamon on fire blows through the cuisine. Put a few droplets of ethereal cinnamon on each cone of bees wax or other wax prior to use. Incorporating several cinnamon poles in whole carnations or dry lingonberries in a jar makes them a beautiful and fragrant ornament.

It is possible to strike cinnamon bars with dry cranberry and laurel leaf to obtain a scented and appealing festoon that lasts for years. Put a hill of milled cinnamon in an ash tray or other heat-resistant canister. Crush 4 cinnamon bars and match them with 1/2 cups of whole carnations and 1/2 cups of whole grains of pepper.

and cinnamon after shave. This not only has a deliciously aromatic fragrance, it also has anti-bacterial qualities, and the cinnamon will help stop haemorrhage from small notches and slices. Adds 2 crushed cinnamon poles and 1 tbsp clove.

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