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Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for CINNAMON AIR. For Cinnamon Air (C7/CIN) | Fleet, Routes & Reviews The map shows all Cinnamon Air regular services in the next 7 nights. Please click on the destination to get a complete listing of departures and arrivals. The information provided on this page is a collection of information from many different resources, to include timetable planning and reservation services of air carriers, air carriers, airports, air carriers and other third parties.

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ViLAT Sri Lanka Visits Cinnamon Air Hangar and Terminal

The Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transport (CILT) Sri Lanka recently organised a panel call at the Cinnamon Air Hangar and Terminal in Katunayake to give young logistic and transportation experts the chance to better understand the indigenous aspects of the community aerospace sector.

It was an important part of the WiLAT 2018/2019 education programme. Students of logistic, WiLAT members and WiLAT fans took part in the site visits. The Cinnamon Air is a premier inland air taxis operator providing day to day regular services as well as luxurious privately chartered services to more than 15 locations throughout Sri Lanka.

Lufthansa's headquarters and hanger are at Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, while the business offices are at Colombo Fort. Cinnamon Air's fleet comprises a luxury Cessna 208B (8 passengers) Grand Caravan and two Cessna 208 (8 passengers) Amphibian Caravans, which allow the use of waters as runways.

It has been in service for 5 years and all services are operated in code share with SriLankan Airlines, allowing customers to make reservations via the SriLankan Airlines global flight booking system. One of the Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibians wearing the SriLankan Air Taxi logo on its fuselage underscores the company's strong ties to the domestic airlines.

Participants in the tour were able to watch the technical work in the hanger, the take-off and landings operation in the terminals as well as the operation of the command and display centre during the tour and assess the tour as a success.

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