Helicopter from Nyc to Airport

Nyc helicopter to the airport

There' s just no other way to explain it. Inspection: Manhattan to Newark Airport Blade Helicopter But when a boyfriend of mine took me on a helicopter flight from Manhattan to Newark Airport, I took the opportunity. He wants to be the "over for helicopters" and has both regular and on-demand services in LA, NYC and Miami. Although I served in the US Air Force, I had never been in a helicopter before!

This helicopter was hired from Newark Liberty International Airport, where I had a comfortable United plane to LA that night. On the Hudson River I took a boat from Paulus Hook near Hyatt Jersey City next to the Hyatt Jersey Center towards St. 39. From there it was only a quick stroll to West Midtown Heliport from St. 30. The "Airport" is just a small helicopter runway and two followers - one for JetSmarter and the other for Blade.

Blade "Lounge" is quite chic, with deep shades and a free cocktail area. Four of us were on our way to Newark Airport and the last to get there, I was welcomed by name by one of the dressed in uniform hosts. A great thing about privately scheduled flights is a more agile flight schedule.

The helicopter was awaiting us, so although we were scheduled to leave at 17.00 we started at 16.50. Estimated air travel is 8 minutes. Whilst there is no "service" on an 8 minute helicopter ride, you can take beverages from the lounges to indulge during your ride. A helicopter ride is certainly a different feeling than an aircraft, especially during take-off and landings.

Climbing off quickly, we seemed to slide smoothly along the Hudson and enjoyed a breathtaking look at the Manhattan ski line on our leftside. On the right we were flying over Hyatt Jersey City where I had just stayed last night: Shortly afterwards we were approaching Ellis Island and Liberty Island, with an unbelievable sight of the Statue of Liberty:

Our 8-minute trip around Newark Airport has thus become twice as long. So we went into the terminals and were taken to C. Let's just say I could really get used to helicopter use. I had so much pleasure with my first helicopter flight and there is certainly no better way from Manhattan to JFK or EEA than by helicopter.

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