Fighter Plane Experience

Experience with fighter planes

Fly like the aces of yore in some of the most important military aircraft in history and prepare for the experience of a lifetime! Just imagine controlling the high-performance aircraft that will train future fighter pilots during the Second World War. A vintage airplane ride over the winelands of Sonoma and down to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Experience Airborne Fighter Aircraft Classics

With a 600 hp motor, it's almost twice the cruising pace (over 200 km/h), and you'll quickly enter the combat pilot's mind as you race over the floor and perform some gastric shaking maneuvers. Not only is it a plane ride, but you can also take the pole and take the birds during your 20 minutes flying.

Upon arriving at your choice of Ashford airport, you will be welcomed by your flight attendant before being provided with the necessary equipment. The experience is available on select times throughout the flight year. Notice that the flight times in this classical airplane are finite in order to facilitate the maintenance and servicing of the airplane, therefore the flight times are severely finite.

For this experience please count on one hours - the actual trip takes about 20 min (chock to chock). The only thing you have to do is make a payment for the experience you want to buy and we will email you a gift certificate and reservation information to you or directly to the receiver, then all you have to do is review the information and make your reservation.

This is the ultimate dream of the aviation enthusiast!

Take the North American T-6 "Texan" out of the Second World War - better than any TV show or film, better than any computer simulator. Flying like the old Asse in one of the most historic airplanes of all time. No matter whether you want an exciting aerobatics experience or a trouble-free round trip, you will never ever miss this experience.

Just think, you control the high-performance airplane used to educate prospective fighter pilot during the Second World War. Enjoy the excitement of the battle's attractions, sound and feel as you drift through the skies behind a large 600 hp Pratt & Whitney turbocharged motor. Don't miss the chance to meet the dignified Pilomaker (no piloting licence or experience required) - Just think of yourself as a young Army Air Corps or a Marine Cadet about to start your first flight outing.

As soon as you are in the skies, this introduction will give you a glimpse into the training of soldiers for their historical engagements in the Second World War. A great choice for beginners, nostalgic fans, model builders and low speed flyers. Before take-off your instructor will inform you in detail about the aerobatics manoeuvres you will perform.

There will be a lot of "practical" experience on this trip as well as ailerons, barrels and loopings as you saw on the shows. That'?s our top plane! Full 45 minute High Activity while you realize your dreams of being an Ass fighter driver.

Well, this plane is all you could have dreamed of. Plenty of fighting manoeuvres, acrobatics and practical flights that will give you an unforgettable souvenir of your experience as a "fighter pilot for a day"! Hint - All schedules are "Air Times". Expend extra hours with pre-flight briefing, taxis, load and unload.

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