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Learjet rental

Every year new models of private jets come onto the market, but only every now and then is a really innovative jet released. Unmatched comfort and efficiency is what you get when chartering Learjet jets for your business trips. Privatjet charter | Rental | Learjet 45 / 45XR This Learjet 45XR (Extra Range) has an almost 1000nm greater cruising distance with more climbs and speeds than the Learjet 40. Every year new privately owned aircraft are launched, but only occasionally is a truly cutting-edge model published. Learjet 45 is one of the few aircraft to smoothly incorporate new technologies into a proven and proven older aircraft model.

You can expect its velocity and efficiency, it's a Learjet, after all, the remainder of its small equipment is a high-quality personal one. In the Learjet 45 cab, there are eight berths, usually in a twin cockpit design, with ample space for pivoting, reclining and tracking.

Don't be fooled by the readings; the Learjet 45's inside has been redesigned to provide the largest possible cabin area.

Rental of a Learjet

One of the most important features of Learjets is their state. They do not have to be millionaires to be able to travel in a Learjet; the small airplanes can be hired by individual persons or groups. Select a serious privately owned airplane hire firm. Begin with an online business locator for businesses near you; if you find a business near you, you can save the extra cost of flying a Learjet to a locally based airline.

When there are no available lettings locally, perform a broader quest for regionally or nationally based letting agents. Two of the many companies offering Learjet charter services are Luftwaffe charter ( and 247Jet ( Since Learjet hire is an costly choice, review the credentials and client ratings for each business to make sure you don't loose any cash.

When you work for a large company or have business connections flying privately, ask for your own recommendation. Contact your nearest aerodrome to find out about all landline carriers (FBOs) that rent Learjets directly from the aerodrome. Where available, make an appointement with a Learjet agent to discuss the possibilities of the Learjet.

Ask for an inspection of the individual jets and use the opportunity to discuss the special features of the lease. Choose the Learjet you would like to rent. The company produces several different types of airplanes which are often used as personal airplanes. Please consider the duration of the flights; many of the smaller Learjets in the 35, 36 and 40 class have a flying distance of less than five acres.

Please feel free to check the flight schedule and ask for a quotation by contacting any of your top lessor's option offices. Prepare with special detail about your group and the tour you are going to plan, as the cost of renting depends on all the relevant elements. Enquire about special charges which include gas, airports, cabin services, food and docking.

Enquire about the company's security record and certification for its pilot.

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