New York Helicopter Taxi

Helicopter Taxi New York

If you can take a helicopter, why take a cab to the airports? The new helicopter services will make it possible for the crowds - not just the ultra-light ones - to do without a taxi and take a plane to the nearest aerodrome. From Wednesday, Gotham Air will be offering departures from Manhattan to JFK and Newark Liberty from just US$99. Blade started as "Over the Helicopter" last year.

Customers use a cell application to order helicopters to take them to their personal jet or to a Hamptons outing. Following the launch flights, fares will be between $199 and $219 per hour, based on hour and hour and airport, Hayes said, and added that the helicopters will take off from three Gotham Air Manhattan terminal.

Services are also being extended to other commercial and residential airfields and helicopter landing pads, increasing from a few daily departures to every full hour, he said. "I was a helicopter passanger for many years, but this is my first helicopter project," said Hayes, who is also an award-winning musical, live and television production artist.

After Hayes hired a helicopter to bring his buddy Duff McKagan from Guns'N Rose's glory to the airfield on schedule, the concept took off. Gotham Air is aimed at the "general public" while the air services are first-rate. "It'?s like a Mercedes S-class," Hayes said. And Gotham Air has rented 10 state-of-the-art Bell 407s from the Helicopter Service.

Mr John Kjekstad, who co-founded HFS in 1985, is also a co-founder of Gotham Air. The Gotham Air company described the Bell 407 Chopper as the "sports helicopter car" with a speed of up to 160 mph. Among other things, the services are offered with "on-board products" from head cook Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery and Hermes Ledersitzen.

Since Gotham is not a directly owned airline. Hayes, who was also chief instructor of the Amnesty International Recital 2014 at the Barclays Center, assisted in bringing Pussy Riot to the USA and on stage for the show.

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