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Departments are company-owned operators that manage the aircraft of a particular company. The 10 best privat jets: Classiest Approximately 20,000 corporate jetliners exist in the globe; it is fair to say that not all of them are so colorful. One of the most important factors in corporate aeronautics is anonymous. Concealing your plane in an off-shore register, trusting your plane or obstructing plane registrations for on-line tracing makes it difficult to locate the plane owner and track where it went.

However, when it reaches its goal, the plane is visible to everyone. Therefore, the overwhelming bulk of color scheme for corporate jets can at best be described as dull (after all, there is little chance of finding out who has an airplane).

You want to differentiate yourself from the masses and let them know exactly who they are, so below we take a look at some of the more colorful corporate jets. Nike's Gulfstream G550 commercial airliner (photo: Russell Hill). The top of every wishlist - and particularly noteworthy - is the Nike flying division, which manages planes on Phil Knight's instructions, and Nike itself.

Nike's most recent purchase was a Gulfstream G550 (msn 5121) which was acquired by the Prem Rawat Foundation in early 2013. The Gulfstream in Long Beach finished the very striking paintwork and individualized the plane with a "Nike swoosh" at the rear and the sole of the trainers boots under the wing.

However, the personalization does not stop there, because the rear number (N1972N) contains the year in which Nike was first recorded. Gulfstream G650 high personal Gulfstream belonging to Phil Knight, co-owner of Nike (Photo: Russell Hill). Nike's previous purchase this year was a new Gulfstream G650 (msn 6024), although Nike's flying division operates it on Phil Knight's order.

The unmistakable pattern is different on both sides of the plane, with one side depicting Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, and the other side stylizing the Oregon Ducks college ball crew crash helmet. Oregon Ducks offers a unique and unique look and feel to the game. On the underside of the wing are feathered, and each of the wing tips is Nike's Woosh written on it, but the final adjustment must be the stern number: the stern number:

Prada's Gulfstream G450 commercial jets (Photo: Antony Pratt). The Prada is equivalent to the color blue, so it was no wonder when a Gulfstream G450 Commercial Jet (msn 4279 / I-XPRA) was shipped to the factory in a beautiful matte blue overall picture. Wherever the plane is flying, my favorite of all schemata here attracts attention.

One Cessna Citation Mustang with a distinctive light blue painting (Photo: John Lythgoe). This Cessna Citation Mustang (msn 510-0262 / D-IEEN) is another airplane that is lacquered everywhere in the same color, although the airplane was finally resold and newly lacquered in France as F-HPHD. This a great plan? One Gulfstream G550 in the possession and operation of Sirio SpA (Photo: Bob Holland).

Since Italy is known for fashions and styles, it should not be so surprising if another Italy registrated plane reaches the listing. A Gulfstream G550 (msn 5314 / I-ADVD) was given to Sirio SpA in 2011 and its unmistakable overall silvery color in combination with gold and gold streaks has since brightened European and international airport colours.

Challenger 605 privately operated plane belonging to Lewis Hamilton (Photo: Trevor Warne). Featuring overall colors of either white or blue, the plane (registered as 5904 / G-LCDH) also has a personalized rear number, with G-LCDH being Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton. Dassault Falcon 7X in the possession of the Bank of America (Photo: Bill Robertson).

A Dassault Falcon 7X (msn 162 / PP-RFA) is the first of two Brazil based planes to be added to the inventory. This Falcon 7X was shipped to Bank of America in August 2012 and rented to a Brazil hold in early 2013. It features a classy blend of blacks, shades of blue, shades of blue and blue that sets it apart from the traditional pinstripe designs in whites.

Global Express company with a cover color (Photo: Evan Baker). Oakley Bombardier Global Express (msn 9162 / N2T) has taken the merger issue a little further into the wings, and added something that at first looks like a general cover-up. However, if you take a close look, you will see that it is a visual display of a chart, albeit with continent that adapts to the plan.

Challenger 300 recorded in Brazil (Photo: J.P. Gosselin). This Brazilian Challenger 300 (msn 20325 / PR-ADB), which was picked up from Montreal with its despatch plane, picks up the subject of the use of blacks, reds and diamonds in a schematic, but exchanges the customary order for the use of diamonds as the dominant color. Additional lightning in blue and white makes this Challenger 300 truly unique.

Bombardier Global Express Enterprise Jets in a multicoloured design (Photo: Axel J). Kohler Headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the Kohler Corporation is primarily known for its sanitary product line, but in commercial air travel it is known for running a Bombardier Global Express (XRS Mars 9290 / N797KK) in a beautiful design that blends reds, blacks and shades of silver in style and incorporates the company's "The Bold Look" line of rear straps.

In addition to Global, Kohler also runs Gulfstream IVSP (msn 1429 / N777KK) in the same system.

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