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Become part of our talented team and help improve the airline experience. With the Alaska Visa companion fare you can save a lot of money on your next Alaska flight. Alaska Airlines Buy Travel App:

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Discover the possibilities, make bookings, make check-ins and simply move through the different aerodromes. Locate all the information you need when you need it. Our application allows you to make a reservation for a plane, choose a place or switch places before departure. Our service takes you more quickly through the international hub with our on-board check-in up to 24 hrs before your departure.

They can also help you saving your precious hours by using our application as a Boarding Card, no more using a kiosk or line, just use your telephone to get through your airside checkpoint. Maintain an eye on your timetable, embarkation times and changes at the gates. Sharing your route with your loved ones via e-mail.

Get information about delayed flights and more with pushed alerts. Allows you to modify your schedules to take an early or late one. You will also be sent a notice informing you if an early departure is available upon arrival at the destination. You can also use our Smartphone calendaring service to enter your trip information into your calender.

Tracking your accrued credit on your online payment system allows you to use your accrued credit on any flight you purchase with the application, complete with award trips. After all, we are always interested in what you have to say about your Alaska itinerary. Give us your feed-back with Alaska Listens, our online consumer surveys.

As with all these functions, you can find them in our application. For more information on the Alaska Airlines Trip application, visit

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