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We have many clever tricks to help you book flights at the right time, reduce school holiday costs, get credit card free flights and much more. This is also a high season in which air ticket prices are rising. United Arab Emirates travel guide If your flight to Dubai is arriving, you are in the second United Arab Emirates of the seven United Arab Emirates. From its humble beginnings as a sea port town, Dubai has developed into one of the world's major finance centres and highly frequented luxurious beaches. As well as offering the visitor a little cheekiness and refinement in Southeast Asia, Dubai is also sticking to its Moslem origins.

Formerly an inconspicuous seaport with perl dive as the primary source of finance, Dubai has become one of the world's most glittering tourism attractions. Today's travellers are booking a flight to Dubai for a little exaggeration in the womb of deluxe. Dubai attracts million of spectators every year, from world-class boating events to stunning Airshows.

However, the experienced traveller who books a trip to Dubai knows a few things about how to do it right; a budget flight to Dubai means a great deal of additional cash to be spent in this prime mall. In Dubai everything is free of customs duties, and for many travellers this means no debt. Dubai, often referred to as the "Vegas of the Middle East", is much more than a city full of hotel and blinking light.

While the Mall of the Emirates is the biggest and has an in-door skiing piste, the first of its kind in the Middle East, Deira's Golden Souq offers an ample choice of indigenous and Arabic golds. Given its height, tall towers like the world-famous Burj Khalifa and glittering ambience, it is unbelievable to think that just a few centuries ago Dubai was little more than a dozy fisher town.

There have been some unbelievable booms in the town, and visitors pour in to experience first class fun and suspense. When you want to get away from it all for more warm winters, a budget flight to Dubai is all you need. Below are some hints to help you planning and enjoying a smooth journey to this memorable town.

What kind of climate is it in Dubai? As you would have expected from the dessert, Dubai is burning warm and soothing. Precipitation is scarce, but the Dubai rainfall is mostly from December to March, with February being the rainy one. What is the best season to travel to Dubai? As far as the seaside is concerned, this town has two different times of the year, warm and warm.

However, Dubai is easily reached as it is the Emirates turnstile, has flight connections all over the globe and is a favourite destination for Kiwis traveling to Europe. Make your reservations well in advance and keep an ear out for flight ticket and accommodation deals in the Emirates.

From June to September, especially July and August, Dubai is unpleasantly warm and damp, as one would have expected from the dessert. Unless you don't care about staying in air-conditioned accommodation, you'll most likely find the best cheap flight to Dubai these few summers and get away from the people.

Ramadan is also a Moslem Lenten monthly and is rigorously observed throughout the United Arab Emirates. What is the best timing to make a flight to Dubai? Booking your flight is done taking into account the air conditioning conditions. Dubai's weather is constantly warm all year round, so if warmth isn't your thing, it would be better to look for a flight between October and April if it's a little colder than the other few weeks of the year.

This is also a high period in which air fares are rising. In order to get the best value for money in Dubai, it is advisable to make reservations six month in advanced with budget carriers flying indirectly. It is also possible to select a seasonal flight to be booked on the basis of Dubai's culture activities.

The Dubai Shopping Festival, for example, the paradise performance of a shopaholics, is held between January and February. After all, the Dubai Festival hosts a fabulous selection of performers and its aim is to pass on the city's passion for music to all who visit. What is the duration of the flight to Dubai?

The Dubai International Airport has numerous non-stop connections to and from the most important international destinations. You should count on flight time of about twelve from New York, just over thirteen from Chicago and about sixteen from Los Angeles. What airline companies are flying to Dubai? Emirates allows you to travel directly from the United States to Dubai because Dubai International Airport is one of its hub airports.

When traveling to Dubai from an overseas location, ask airlines such as Air France, British Airways, etc. about flight itineraries. Which flight should you take to Dubai? There are two kinds of Dubai weathers - warm and very warm, so grab lightweight clothes that let your body breath, like cotton and bed linen.

It is important to recall that in many parts of Dubai preservative clothes are not only the standard, but also demanded. The Dubai Interna-tional Airports (DXB) is the most important Dubai gateway that serves the Dubai metropolitan area and is the most congested global hub for passengers. The Dubai DXB is situated about 2.5 nautical miles south-east of the Dubai centre and slightly more than 8 nautical miles from the Burj Khalifa town centre.

Due to its position it is very convenient to get from the Dubai International Airports to the centre of Dubai. There are good traffic links to the area. It is important to keep in mind that you cannot make payments in money by coach from the airports (or in the city), so you must buy a NOL debit cards, an electric credit cards that works with touch-and-go technologies.

Sterling cards are the best choice for those who want to make regular trips between different points in the town. Two Dubai Metro routes also run between the Dubai International Airports and the Dubai Downtown. Taxi and sedan transportation may be a much more convenient way to get around, but they are more costly, while many hotel companies provide a free transfer from the airports, but in many cases you will need to make arrangements in advance. Your hotel will be happy to provide you with a free transfer.

Rental cars of all the main makes are also available at the airports, with pick-up and drop-off points in Terminal 1, 2 and 3. As soon as you have established yourself in your own motel and are willing to discover it, you will find that travellers usually decide to make their way through Dubai by cab.

Private cabs are the only ones registered at the airports that are not measured, so you must arrange a ticket before departure. Busses cross the town and the route is easily deciphered. The itineraries are imprinted in both English and Arabian, and discount fares provide limitless journeys on one or both sides of Dubai Creek.

Dubai Metro is also available as local transport and is very neat and navigable. A NOL map makes it possible for you to easily move around the town. Walks are the best way to see the older parts of Dubai, where you can see bouks and museum.

A lot of folks also hire a car to explore the town. So what is there to do in Dubai? Dubai's architectural style is breathtaking, and there is perhaps no more striking example than the Burj Khalifa. His viewing platforms are the ideal places to see the town; the views are amazing and you can schedule the remainder of your outings.

Experience the beautiful nature of the nearby countryside by exploring the Dubai desert conservation reserve. So you can make some great pictures for your scraptbook. The dessert is home to game gazelles and oryxes. Come and see the town from November to March and follow the Dubai Kamel Race Course every Thursday and Friday evening.

Religious life is an important part of Dubai, and while non-Muslims are usually not allowed in a mosque, the Jumeirah Mosque has open day outings. Dubai's temperature is perfect for visiting the aquatic parks, and the town has three choices with Atlantis, WildWadi and Yas Waterworld. And if you enjoy buying, you'll enjoy the Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the whole wide range of important designer labels in the whole wide area.

Begin at Bur Dubai Bouk, where you will find many different textiles, apparel and antiques shops set under arcade arabesques and windtowers. We then continue to Deira's Gold Bouk, an important stop for anyone who visits Dubai. Get away from the mayhem of the town and take a quick trip to the wilderness where the actual event will take place.

When you feel like adventure, there is nowhere better to lie down on the dunes than in Dubai. Emirates Airlines can take you back to the United States, or you can book a flight to other major cities. Dubai can be reached by cab or coach, but the state-of-the-art Dubai Metro offers the best journey.

One of the most congested airports in the whole wide open country, so it is wise to arrive there early. As soon as you have decided on a holiday location, you should take a look at our Dubai Airports Guide for more details and useful itineraries.

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