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Baltimore City's only helicopter tour company! It is the next experience you will experience flying with your own helicopter! For 45 years Brainerd Helicopter has been offering services.

The helicopter pilot and crew are committed to fulfilling all the requirements of charters with an emphasis on increased security, operational reliability and operational efficiency. Thanks to our accumulated expertise in the aerospace and helicopter industries, we are able to offer the highest levels of customer care and demonstrated expertise. This is the airline you rely on for your helicopter flying aircraft, sky surveying and other business services.

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The Hampton Roads helicopter (HRH) is a full-service helicopter and fixed-wing aeronautical manufacturer. The HRH is located at Hampton Roads Executive Airport (PVG) together with our affiliate Hampton Roads charter services (HRCS). Together, HRH and HRCS offer helicopter charters, flying lessons, air photos and video, sightseeing flights, assistance with events, plane transfers, sale and rental, helicopter servicing as well as helicopter and helicopter hanging, plane handling and pilotservices.

The HRH and HRCS are ideal locations to cover the whole Virginia Tidewater area with Chesapeake, Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Hampton and Newport News. Our skills and knowledge have enabled us to service clients throughout the East Coast, the USA and even international clients in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Russia and the Pacific.

HRH and HRCS are specialized in the operation and maintenance of Robinson aircraft such as R-22, R-44 and R-66. Our portfolio also comprises Beechcraft, Cessna, Citation, Mitsubishi, Piper and Socata.

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There' s no equivalent of a Baltimore sky trip in an inexpensive Bell 206 that gives you the dependability and confidence only a turbojet can have. The helicopter trips are an unprecedented event that everyone can indulge in. Is there a reason for Charm City helicopters? Charm City Helicopters is proud to offer you the best helicopter trip in Baltimore.

Established and piloted by our own people, our business understands what it takes to provide our clients with the helicopter trips of a lifetime! Our helicopter fleet is a world leader in its field! Booking your Baltimore Helicopter Trip today! Willing to climb up to heaven and see Baltimore like you've never done before? Book your next Baltimore Helicopter Tours today with Charm City Helicopters.

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