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We have partnered with the Ride Hailing App Uber to give passengers the opportunity to book a Uber when booking a flight through the airline's app. Tour guide: 2018 American Airlines Center Ranging from gigs to live shows to everything in between, the American Airlines Center makes it simple for you to seamlessly get from and to the big show. Two special pick-up & drop-off areas make it simple for the driver to get to the center of the action, jump over your park and find their driver at the end of the day.

Discount of $10 on 2 journeys starting or ending at the American Airlines Center for new and current passengers. It will expire on 31.08.18 and is available for the first 1,000 passengers to use it. We have two special pick-up and drop-off points at the American Airlines Center-All Star Way and Olive St. between Houston and Field St. When you open your application around Houston and Field St., you will be asked to select one of these two places to see your aviator.

Is this new to Uber? Receive up to $15 discount on your first trip when you log in with a code: Applicable on the first trip only in Dallas-Fort Worth, checked. Über is devoted to the safety of human beings on the street. Thank you for purchasing Uber and we sincerely expect you to have a good working relationship with American Airlines Center.

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