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AXI Aereo, Ceiba, Puerto Rico. Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for TAXI AEREO. A Brazilian airline, Global (formerly Global Taxi AĆ©reo) specializes in air charter and aircraft maintenance. Aero Taxi's Scene Graphic Tee repeats some of the most famous sights of the Big Apple, such as towering skyscrapers and a street full of taxis below!

Aereo Taxi Airlines - Aereo Taxi Airlines - Aereo Taxi Airlines - Aereo Taxi Charter Airlines

Begin your days with an entertaining and scenic trip to Ceiba or Isla Grande airport. Climb on your charters, enjoying the views, the deep water, the wonderful caves and reach your goal in less than 20 mins. Tailor-made taxi aereo journeys, our committed client services, security and efficiencies ensure a seamless and convenient airfare with our charters.

The Taxi Aereo charters co-ordinators will take care of all the detail and our skilled pilot will ensure you are flying according to your itinerary.

Aero Taxi extends fleet with lease for Sikorsky Sikorsky S with rental agreement for Sol Taxi Sikorsky S

Enterprises have entered into an operational leasing contract for an off-shore configuration of a Sikorsky 76C+ heliport. It follows on from an early rental contract between Lobo and Costa do Sol that was concluded at the beginning of the year for a similar off-shore SP-76C+. Adding these two choppers will help Costa do Sol satisfy the increasing demands for its Brazilian service.

Together, the two S-76C+s will provide off-shore power for the state of Rio de Janeiro. Mark Kelly, Chief Commercial Officer of Lobo, said: "We are very excited to be supporting Costa do Sol's expansion strategy by renting a second Lobo 76C+. For our customers, Lobo is the first option for renting helicopters, and the further development of Costa do Sol's activities is a very valuable confirmation.

Use of both choppers in the Brazilian off-shore petroleum and naturalgas services is an important achievement and recognition for the Costa do Sol Taxi Aero's extremely skilled work. The cooperation with Lobo's high quality and reactive Lobo staff to extend our fleets has significantly improved our delivery capability for our customers".

Headquartered in Dublin, the company has operations in Rio de Janeiro, London and San Francisco.

Brazil's Atlas Taxi Aero gets Mi-171A from Russia

Atlas Taxi Aereo, the Brasilian aircraft company, has received a Mil Mi-171A1 from Russian helicopters. The new Atlas Taxi Aereo will be the first Mi-171A1 aircraft to be equipped with the T-HUMS on-board healthcare and surveillance system, which, according to Russian helicopters, provides automatic real-time control of a variety of devices and equipment.

Petrobras, a Brazil -based petroleum corporation, will use the chopper to assist with exploration work in Brazil's rainforests. Mi-171A1 has been flying more than 120 hrs per months under intensive operational condition and has transported up to 600 tonnes of freight.

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