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I am looking for other travellers or inhabitants who are potentially interested in flying with Cinnamon Air from Colombo to Sigiriya in the morning ( The date would be Sunday, June 5, 2016. Sincerely yours, Eric (last Sunday morning after 3 month work in SL) ! Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings.

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Which is the best way to get to Sigiriya? - backpack jelly

The Sigiriya is situated in the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, which consists of Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Technically, Sigiriya relates to the antique town, but most locals use the name when referring to the legendary cliff fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and sometimes called the Eighth Wonder of the World.

But since travelling in Sri Lanka is not an an easy task - not even in 2017 - how exactly do we schedule our trip from Colombo to Sigiriya? You can see that Sri Lanka is a quite diverse land, with culture relicts in the northern part, luxuriant verdant uplands in the center and of course more than a few beautiful shores along the south and west coasts.

Coming from Colombo it will take about 3-4 hrs to get somewhere, whether you are travelling towards east or west. Colombo to Kandy/Sigiriya is still the most favourite place of worship for tourists. Sigiriya's nearest rail road terminal is Habarana, which is about 15 km away. In spite of the landscape you will experience on the trip from Colombo, the rail trip is actually the slower way to get to Sigiriya.

In spite of the travelling season, it remains the most favourite way to get to Sigiriya. If you are travelling by personal vehicle, you have two different ways to get there: The classic way is via the A01 (Kandy Road) to Ambepuss, at the end of which you take the autobahn to Kurunegala on the autobahn A4.

However, the newer one uses the Katunayake Expressway. Coming from here take the Minuwangoda street and then on to Giriulla and Kurunegala. At Kurunegala take the motorway no. 06 towards Dambulla. This is a good street with carpets, but be careful (and look out for roaming elephants!).

Here you will find a reproduction of the lion's paw from the rocks as well as a guide which leads you to the main highway A162. It should bring you to Sigiriya in about 10 min - where your adventures begin! Travelling from Colombo (or anywhere in Lanka) to Sigiriya is quite difficult as there is no local coach service.

From Colombo, taking the simple and traditionally itinerary, take either No. 15 coach to Anuradhapura or No. 48 coach to Kaduruwela (for Polonnaruwa). As an alternative, a 49 to Trinco coach is sufficient as long as you get off at the Dambulla or Habarana stops (do not go to Trinco!).

Coaches in Lanka are fragmentary to say the least, but in general they are secure and take you to your goal.... finally. Remember that there are no busses from Habarana to Sigiriya, but if everything else goes wrong, just take auktuk. You should not pay more than 300 rubles of Habarana with a tukhtuk.

The Cinnamon Air service flies every day from its Katunayake inland airport to Sigiriya airport. Departure at 30 am from Colombo (inland terminal) and it will take 30 min to get to the crag. The flights back to Colombo depart Sigiriya at 11:00 and 17:30. The Sigiriya is an unbelievable place and for me the highlights of Sri Lanka.

The Sigiriya Rocks Fort has 1200 stairs to its top and you can meet horns, bulldozers, elephants, apes and even alligators during your trip, so keep your mind above yourself. A lot of stunning local hotel accommodation is available (though no hostels), but if you are not in Sigiriya itself, most locals will look for rooms in Dambulla (20km away) or Habarana (15km away), where the railway stations are sited.

Suggestions for this product are available for journeys between Colombo and Sigiriya. When you come from Kandy to the cliff fort (like many people), there are many similar road-based itineraries - just drive towards Dambulla. Travelling distance is 98 km and about 2 hrs. Every cab driver and tourist knows where Sigiriya is, although the trip is probably too far to be made in auktuk!

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