Around the World Plane Ticket Cost

Ticket costs for airline tickets around the world

Costs for an air ticket around the world - Travel expense accounting Anticipate paying $1,500-$10,000 for a round-the-world Economy/Coach ticket, and $5,000-$15,000 or more in air charter flights, either on Business or First Classic, based on your odometer, your itinerary and the number of stations (from two or three for cheaper ticket, up to a limit of 16). RWT tariffs are provided by carrier coalitions - companies that combine to provide worldwide cover - and are generally valid for up to one year in one destination (east-west or west-east, although back-tracking within a given continental region is normally permitted).

One ticket is bought from one carrier and combines all required frequencies from other carriers. RWT tariffs may refer to the sum of the number of kilometres travelled or the number of segment trips regardless of route distances (a 15-hour journey will count as a two-hour journey).

The Star Alliance[1] with 25 carriers, among them United, Air China and Lufthansa, provides RTW tariffs for 29,000 mile ( about three continents), 34,000 mile ( about four continents) and 39,000 mile ( about five or six continents) with up to 16 stations or a reduced economic tariff with 26, Thousand Kilometers and Five Intermediate Trips - a 27,354-mile journey from New York to London, Istanbul, Delhi, Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles and back to New York begins at approximately $5,400, subject to selected flight options (excluding additional flight charges/taxes or luggage fees).

For the One World Alliance, which includes 12 carriers inclusive of American, Qantas and British Airways, the RTW Explorer fare[2] is calculated on the number of continent traveled; a similar route starting and ending in New York begins at approximately $5,680 inclusive of applicable airfare supplements and tax. At One World, we also offer mile-based RTW rates.

It' s possible to put together an inexpensive round-the-world tour with one-way fares from different carriers, especially as many discounts and small carriers do not take part in allliances. Single point-to-point three to six-stop services may cost US$1,000 to US$6,000 or more, based on the destination, carrier selected and number of stopping points.

Though some travellers do their own research and bookings, point-to-point ticket delivery is usually done through a tour operator or ticket consolidator that specializes in traveling around the world. RTW fare plans usually require the first leg to be prebooked, but it is also possible to book special legs of the journey in advance or on the way.

Even though they all provide a total of 16 stations, each airline has its own RTW tariffs. Point-to-point ticket bookings can be more complicated and may cost more to book for trips to isolated areas (e.g. Crete, Easter Island or Ethiopia) than an RTW tariff, but point-to-point ticket bookings provide more flexible options, with no limitations on the destination and the choice of low-cost carriers.

As a rule, PTT tariffs collect FFP mileage, but not point-to-point ticket revenue. Modifying data on an RWT ticket while traveling is usually free, but there may be a charge (usually $100-$200) for modifying it. Meals, accommodation and transport contribute to the overall cost of world tours. The BootsnAll Travel Network will list potential extra charges for world travel[3] and book real budget for 11 trips[4].

It' usually more expensive to travel in North America to take an RTV journey; some travellers are saving several hundred to several thousand bucks by starting an RTV ticket in another land and pay for a separate ticket to that land (or use FFP miles). Child tariffs can be reduced. As an example, Star Alliance[5] will charge 75% of the adults rate for 2-11 year olds in economy classes; there is no rebate in either full travel or first travel.

Shop for a plane ticket around the world: The majority of RMTs can now be purchased on-line, although some complicated or uncommon routes call a member of the Allianz sales force and take at least 30 to 1 hours to complete. The Star Alliance[6] is the biggest (25 carriers serving 1,293 in 190 countries); the second biggest is SkyTeam[7] with 15 carriers (including Delta and Air France) serving 926 in 173 and the third is One World[8] with 12 carriers serving about 800 in 150 different states.

Some of the largest organisations specialising in RTW or point-to-point ticket tour packages are Airtreks[9], BootsnAll[10], STA Travel[11], Travel Nation[12] and World Travellers' Club[13].

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