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Have your child's education begin today. The Mastery Schools provide students with the academic and personal skills they need to be prepared for post-secondary success and realize their dreams. C-12 PA Public Cyber Charter School The Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) is one of the best K-12 publicly chartered charter schools in Pennsylvania, providing all Pennsylvania learners with a personalised, tuition-free experience. CCA is the first class option for Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania region for their children's needs at cyberschool. Primary school: CCA's primary schools look after pupils in K-5.

Most of the primary syllabus is published in paper form and is complemented by interactive text. When pupils attend primary education, they will get more contents provided on-line, but will continue to be provided with paperwork. Primary education syllabus, teached by our best publicly owned Cybercharter instructors, comprises mathematics, natural sciences, linguistics/English and soft sciences for each class.

The whole familiy is integrated into the primary educational system in a familiar services company. CCA parent tutors are their children's educational coach, giving them the opportunity to work with their children's Pennsylvania accredited instructors to personalize the syllabus. Find out what distinguishes our primary schools from others. Intermediate:

The CCA supervises intermediate pupils in years 6-8. Turning pupils from the IT to the CCA secondary schools makes the responsibility of the Lerncoaches more supporting. It still provides some control over the child's activity and maintains periodic communications with them. Intermediate pupils work directly with subject-specific instructors and take part in face-to-face classroom interaction with schoolmates.

Lernmanagementsystem enables instructors to assist and interact with on-line course participants. Intermediate pupils are given extra pedagogical assistance by an advisor or counsellor. Find out more about our secondary modern schools. Secondary: high school: CCA High-School serves pupils in classes 9-12. Syllabuses are intended to lead every pupil into a prosperous career - regardless of whether he or she decides to go to a university or vocational training institution or enters the armed forces or the world of work after graduating.

Mathematics, natural sciences, Anglistics and sociology remain at the heart of the syllabus. Pupils, however, are given a range of classes, optional subjects, activites and conservatories to help them discover many different careers. Grammar pupils still work with study trainers and counsellors to create an individual programme to help them achieve their objectives after completion.

Pupils use CCA's technologies to take part in a vibrant, class-room experience in which they are able to communicate more freely with their colleagues and instructors. Have a look at what makes our high schools one of the best.

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