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Booking an airport taxi online

Rugged online taxi booking and CRM tools make it easy for us and a seamless experience for you. Receive instant quotes & book online. You can book a taxi at Cincinnati Airport online, directly from our booking page and pay securely with your debit or credit card (or PayPal account). Wellcome to the website of Airtrail Slovenia┬┤s booking of Ljubljana airport taxi online.

Booking online

There is no fine for cancellation of trips before the reservation period and before the car is shipped. When you need to make a cancellation, please call us at 780-890-707070. Usually, trips to a place are made up to twenty and a half hours before their due date.

Reimbursements must be made within 7 workingdays of the original date of reservation. Reimbursements on credit/debit will only be made on the originals used. In the event that a vehicle fails while driving, an alternate is offered with a convenient extra surcharge. For trips that are partially ended by the rental, no refund will be granted.

Book Ljubljana airport taxi, online transfers to the center of the town, Bleder See, Piran, etc. in advance.

Welcomely on the Website of Airtrail Slovenia┬┤s Booking of Ljubljana airport taxi online. When you are asking yourself how to book a taxi at Ljubljana Airport, or how much the taxi service will charge, you are in the right place! We are a low-cost supplier for airport shuttles and touristic business travel from 2013.

Our Ljubljana Airport offers you an inexpensive and dependable personal transport for up to 3 people & 3 bags to Ljubljana for a reasonable cost of only 28 Euro. Advance order back to airport now online! Within a few minutes you can count on a verification e-mail, but in no case longer than 24hrs.

Once the pick-up has been posted and approved, everything else is transferred to us from there. Ljubljana airport, you don't have to be concerned about a delayed arrival as we supervise all your flight arrivals. Please note that our office is in Ljubljana and we do not have a constant office at the Ljubljana airport.

If you have not organised a taxi service and are in a rush, taxi cabs are available in front of the arrivals hall. The price for a taxi trip to the center of the town is approx. 45 Euro. Besides cabs, another shuttle optional is or share ride company on the opposite side of the exits.

Luckily, one of them is just before your start and if they only go to one or two places, you should be in Ljubljana in half an hours, usually it will take some getting the van full and if it is full, it will take some getting all the people delivered.

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