Fake Fuel Receipts

Counterfeit fuel receipts

Manangagwa Herald Prints Fake Fuel Receipts https://www.zimeye.net/mnangagwa-herald-prints-fake-fuel-receipts/ via @ZimEye.

Employee can no longer manufacture fake receipts to reduce taxes.

If you filled out forged receipts to reduce the income taxes, the income taxes division (IT) asked for your help and implemented new regulations to reject such a claim. Previously, workers could reduce the fiscal load and claim House Allowance ( "HRA") from their employers by making (fake) rents to members of their families or mates.

The HRA is provided by the employers to the employees to cover the costs of renting the housing used by the employers as a place of residency. The IT department's IT Division's 12 BB forms adjust the employer's TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) so that no taxes are payable on HRA. Since time immemorial, creating fake tenancy slips, often from boyfriends, girlfriends or families, has been a simple way to reduce the overall fiscal impact.

So far, the IT division has only requested the presentation of lease notes as evidence of lease, and even if the lease was payable to members of the HRA's household, HRA was permitted. According to The Economic Times, this small overshoot, which was previously ignored, is now under review, as the IT division can demand evidence of real letting by the tax payer.

A holiday and license contract, a written notice to the cooperative apartment association providing information about the rental contract, the energy bill, the utility bill, etc., which the evaluator can now request after a current court decision, is considered evidence of a real rental relationship. There are so many staff members who live with the host families submitting fake rental slips of paper that have been autographed by a member of the host families.

Also, there are coworkers who display the amount higher than the actually payed rental, or the individual may live seperately, but claim to be paying the rental to a family member who owns another real estate in the same town. Tribunal decision comes a few month after the Centre's decision to limit to 2 Rh 1 losses on properties purchased with loaned funds and the net non-absorbed losses on household assets to be carry forward for the next eight years.

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