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Fly together

Access only the new version of Flying Together and the travel content. Pensioners' Association of Flight Attendants-CWA the first and only Flying Together. This new Flying Together is operational and we are in the midst of a complete relocation of our staff and pensioners. Pensioners are to change trains on Monday 28 May. Beginning the next day (Tuesday, May 29) when you sign up for Flying Together:

Please be aware that most of Flying Together's departmental pages have already been completely migrated to the new website. It is recommended that you use the new location before your planned changeover date. Please send an e-mail to if you have any queries about the new Flying Together. With all due respect, NOTE: Look at the IMPORTANT LEFTS page of RAFA, it contains hyperlinks and "paths" that help you browse through the menu on your computer in the new Flying Together > Travel pages.

It'?s here! NEW flying together!!!

New flying together is here! Starting on the early hours of May 29th, when you sign up for Flying Together, you will: Compare the old Trips tab page with the new Trips tab page (bottom screen): The Trip page is still at the top of Flying Together (see text box). Please click on "Travel Homepage" under Top-Hits to go to the trip page.

This new website is very user-friendly (and mobile), but it differs from the old one, so it may take a while to get used to it. You' ll find some hints on how to use the site on Flying Together. Do you have any further question regarding the new Flying Together? Please send an e-mail to

Fly together with your kids is getting harder and harder.

It has always been important for a parent to fly with small kids. Airline companies are now locking into this stressful situation by making it more difficult for adults to stay with them. Earlier this autumn, United will make it a little more difficult, or at least more costly, to assemble seating by connecting Delta and American and reserve more business seating and charging for many seating in the standard legroom. However, the new seating arrangement will be more difficult and more costly for United.

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