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Explore Southern NJ's friendliest and cheapest flying club. With Freeflight you are more than just a Hobbs meter, you are part of a family. free flight program Please use only our new FreeFlight 6 for Anafi. Caution: FreeFlight 6 is not compliant with the Bebop 2 and Bebop 2 powers. Go to the enhanced preferences and customise the user experience to your droning abilities.

FreeFlight Pro lets you take breathtaking pictures and create amazing Full High Definition video, adjust your camera's brightness, lighting and update time.

Wanna see what your UAV sees? Just put your phone in your glasses and you're ready for stunning aerobatics adventures. Even pair with other drones drivers and split your photo, video, and record session. FLIGHTS DIRECTOR: STUNNING VIDEO OF YOUR BEST MOMENTS! AND MORE! Video creation is a stroll through the parkland with the in-app of FreeFlight Pro, the Flight Directory.

Follow Me is a FreeFlight Pro In-App that allows your UAV to accompany you on all your adventure. Your drone's unique combination of GPS tracking and patent-pending optical detection technologies lets you take pictures of your vehicle on the go. Take breathtaking air photos without ever having to touch the control elements! The Flight Plan was the first in-app developed for FreeFlight Pro.

Plan your flight path in advance specifying its flight path and sights. And once it' set up, the UAV starts flying again and films precisely. Lean back and relax as the UAV makes automatic air photos.

Free flight 6

In order to help you broaden your imaginative horizon, we offer you exclusive entry to our in-apps flight plan and Follow Me for just $0.99! As soon as you have the FreeFlight 6 download, you are set to enjoy the thrills of ANAFI' s flight! Thanks to its modernised user surface, FreeFlight 6 provides a seamless and easy-to-use flight environment.

They can also view all your flight statistics and dates. The FreeFlight 6 is the essential flight tool for ANAFI UAVs. It''s easy to use and provides a broad array of flight options that adapt to your skill set, whether you're a beginner or an expert professional in photography.

Capture automated drones video with state-of-the-art A.I. built into ANAFI and its special application. Dolly Zoom, the latest SmartDronie, is an extraordinary dizzying effect that has never been seen before in droning technologies. Capture great auto videos: The Boomerang follows a series of trajectories of the same name, moves ANAFI from front to back and keeps it in the centre.

The Tornado Spiral ANAFI from bottom to top always keeps you in the middle of the game. Orbit* rotates ANAFI around you in a horizontal direction. Parabel* ANAFI is flying from front to back and follows a curved path. You can automatically create nice landscapes with it. The ANAFI turns 360 and records your environment in a single, fluid film.

With ANAFI, it advances by filmmaking the floor and slowly raising its own cameras to show the scenery on the horizon. What's more, ANAFI is a real live image of the world. The ANAFI is flying away 60 meters away and puts the scenery in the right light. Ascent: ANAFI climbs down with the video and turns slowly to the skyline, until a panoramic view shows the scenery.

Default creates an enhanced videoformat in which you can choose one of the different available resolution modes. Slovotion modes are automated recordings with a slow-motion effect on location, perfect for sports or promotional film. Hyperlapse modes immediately accelerate movies to record a sundown, dawn, or cloud pass.

Cinema captures 4K Cinema DCI 496x2160 pixel movies with a 17:9 aspect ration. This is a must for professional filmmakers and videographers. Fast Framerate is intended for professional users; it has a higher framerate for post-processing. The ANAFI and FreeFlight 6 are a photographer's dreams.

Photographers can switch from auto to progressive modes and access advanced features such as exposure time, whitebalance, exposures and the image's area. It is also possible to select between different colour profile such as the P-LOG modes. ANAFI''s unique vision detection system, combined with your smartphone's location, allows you to shoot both horizontal and vertical movies without touching the control panel.

Discover the universe with unbelievable automized flight. Take advantage of the full power of ANAFI and surprise your buddies with our amazing video clips. Touch&Fly: You can discover your environment without controlling your UAV by pointing to locations on your smartphone monitor. Timetable: Schedule your flight path on the chart, then lean back and relax as ANAFI sets off on an autoflight.

Get pictures and video from all your amazing trips straight to your smartphone. For this reason, FreeFlight contains 6 functions such as Geofence and Smart RTH. Geo-fence is a visual obstacle that you set up to prevent the UAV from leaving a specific area, perfect for novice UAVs.

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