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NZ Green Cabs, Wellington, New Zealand. With the official Green Cabs Go Green App, it's now even easier to book and track your taxi in real time! <font color="#ffff00">Green Cabs Season01 Episode01 Queenstown Service

Now it' s even simpler to get your taxis booked and tracked in real-time with the Green Cabs Go Green application! No matter if it's a hailstorm, come get me from here, or reserve a taxicab, this application can make it fast and simple to insert, modify or delete your booking.

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Wellington' wilder winter doesn't get any simpler or hotter, so we want to give you a chance to earn an incredible $1,000 giftcard! With our Go Green application, you can reserve a taxi for ANY fares in Wellington between August 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018* and enter the prize drawing for a $1,000 giftcard.

Unlimited number of participants - Each use of the application to purchase a Wellington rate gives you 1 admission. The winner will be selected at the beginning of October 2018 and sent by e-mail and published in online news. Registrations will only be accepted for tariffs (including these dates) that have been reserved and recorded in Wellington between 1 August 2018 and 30 September 2018.

Green Cabs personnel, suppliers, drivers, stockholders and personnel are excluded from participation.

Sustainable Business Network - Green Cabs Ltd

Green Cabs, as New Zealand's green taxidriver, is committed to offering an green choice to all New Zealand taxidrivers in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. Now with the Green Cabs officially released it' even simpler to find and follow your taxis in real-time!

is New Zealand's green taxi company. Introduce yourself, in the eternal words of John Lennon, to all the humans who travel in zero-emission cabs and plant on the way tree plants. Well, John never said that, but we like to think he might have been there if he had taken a Green Cab.

It is our mission to help make the difference. No matter whether it's offering a green choice with low rates and good services or growing tree in lands around the globe that need it. One way or another, we think that the outside will be a better place for it and by opting to take a Green Cab when you need a cab, you are also contributing to creating a better place.

It'?s a hell of a lot cheaper to turn green. Since our vehicles are much cheaper to drive than your regular cab, our prices are also lower than many of our rivals. Not only will you get a safer, quieter and more enjoyable trip when you take a Green Cab, you'll also have more cash in your pockets at the end of your trip.

In order to be able to listen to you - we want to know about your Green Cabs expertise (good or bad), it will help us to constantly enhance our services for you. But how can we not work passionately to contribute to a better life in which we can be? The Green Cabs offer a fast, neat, secure, reliable end-to-end solution at a lower cost than many of our competition.

Our Green Cabs portfolio consists of hybrids and low-emission common-rail diesel engines. However good they might seem, you won't find any Green Cabs 8s in the Green Cabs family. New technology is continually monitored to take full benefit of clean and environmentally friendly alternatives as they become available.

Green Cabs riders are the face of Green Cabs and we are very proud of the work they do to keep you on the move. At Green Cabs, we are planting our own tree to compensate for the environmental impacts of our operations and our own family. Since our founding in 2007, Green Cabs have been partners of Treasury for the Future.

Our belief is that anyone planting wood for at least ten centimetres should receive as much assistance as possible. So, if you take a trip in a Green Cab, you can take consolation from the fact that you are help to reafforest the planets and make people's life better.

We also help promote Drees for Survival, a New Zealand-based conservation training program that helps youngsters grow and plant indigenous tree species to help property owners revive erosion-prone lands, enhance current and aquatic life, and enhance bio-diversity. Every month Green Cabs plant treas with our products in New Zealand and all over the globe.

Discount and carbon tracking are offered to our accountholders so they can see how many carbon savings they have made and how many tree plants they have made.

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