Rent a Taxi to Drive

Hire a taxi for the ride

Find out how to rent a TLC-approved vehicle from partner dealers. Any new driver partner driving a green cab will be excluded from these offers. Charley's Taxi Hires Independent Drivers - Charley's Taxi Join a pro rider and keep all these advantages (freedom, new people), but earn more of it. They may have said to you that taxi businesses are the devils, but that's because the revenue of taxi riders is much higher. In addition, we offer extraordinary trainings, security functions and possibilities to expand your company to several taxis.

Rely on your own practical skills and become a Charley's Taxi expert taxi operator. These are some of the frequently asked question from our new drivers: How much will I earn? A lot of our riders make a six-figure figure a year. Seldom do our chauffeurs idly by. As well as our frequent taxi clients, we have set up many bank account and route systems that keep our chauffeurs very occupied.

Especially Japan travel agencies conclude contracts with us, because Japan tourist usually only want taxi and do not rely on carpooling. As soon as you have proven yourself, you can drive for our frequent business clients that we will find for you. Because they are advanced and technically adept, I like app-based transporters. Telephoning for a taxi is obsolete.

Charley's Taxi also has an app that allows clients to make a taxi reservation. This is a great advantage of working with a licenced taxi or tourist operator. It is possible to rent a vehicle from one of our skilled driver. Perhaps one day you can have a pool of automobiles like they do, and you can rent your automobiles to someone else.

A lot of riders have other occupations and drive part-time cabs to earn additional cash and get to know newcomers. Tourism enterprises need a driving licence (CDL), but help with exams. When you rent a taxi, it is already covered and the costs are included in the rent. First of all, most new chauffeurs hire a taxi to find out if they feel like it and if they are suitable for the job.

Which type of workout do I need to complete? Driver education covers safety, elderly and disabled care, Hawaiiana, multicultural taxi talk, safety & community policing, workplace harassment: Which is Sexual Harassment, Accident Reporting & Taking Photographs of the scene of the accident, Public Accommodation (ADA Compliance), and Charley's Taxi Orientation and Tutorial when using our high-tech in-car computer with wireless controller, credit card terminals, two-way radios, Smart Taximeters, and in-car safety cameras and safety techniques.

Each year we also carry out several compulsory trainings. Certifications are awarded for first aid and CPR courses and for the National Safety Council's defensive drive class. A fingerprint will be attached to you to obtain your Taxicab driver's license. For Charley's Taxi services, please call us at 233-3333 or email us now.

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