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Discount applies to the base fare of the ticket(s). International airlines will occasionally sell premium cabin seats at very competitive prices. Amex' international airline programme has now become even more useful.

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10 best international flights from the United States

Air fares can be a mystical phenomenon, and capturing their ups and downs to find the lowest possible offers is a ship we have all tried at some point. So, if you are living near one of the listed aerodromes, it should be pretty simple to find round-trip air fares to these locations at the fabulous rates (or even less!) listed below.

Then all you have to do is choose the week-end you want to dedicate to exploring the place at the other end of the plane.... A great message for the inhabitants of Dallas who need some exposure to summer, sea and sandy beaches are the spirits rides to the slept-in seaside city of San Jose del Cabo, number 10 on our schedule.

Beautiful, quiet and restful, in just four hour sightseeing, you can sunbathe on the city's tranquil Pacific shores and enjoy good dining and coffees in the quaint central plaza Cafés and Restaurant. However, if all this doesn't sound thrilling enough, you can use these low cost planes to get to the south tip of the Baja Peninsula, and then head about 20 miles along the coastline to the much rougher spa of Cabo San Lucas.

For Lauderdale is already a beautiful seaside city, but if you ever yearn for a place with a little more tradition, Spirit offers great value flight services to Puerto Rico's capitol San Juan. Juan's enchanting old quarter is bordered by colourful old buildings, 500-year-old fortresses and shady cafés, while down on the banks you'll find one of the Caribbean's most beautiful (and oldest) harbours, surrounded by a series of sandy streets.

In addition to glittering commercial centers and vibrant nightclubs in the contemporary downtown, as well as a rugged hinterland of West Indies with mountain and jungle, you have a great location just three hours' flying from Fort Lauderdale. In eighth place, the inhabitants of Fort Lauderdale have an alternate holiday in the Caribbean: the vibrant Montego Bay holiday village in Jamaica.

Spirit travels take only two and a half hour to get to the Yucatan Peninsula. Trade the roads of New York for the great culture crucible of Toronto, Canada's largest town. The beautifully renovated promenade overlooks the huge Lake Ontario bluewide landscape, while downtown cycle paths meander along the forested banks.

The WestJet is the best value for money itinerary, which is straightforward and only takes 90-minute. As an alternative, a slightly less expensive flight between New York City and Toronto leaves from Newark. Confirmed, United will drive the relevant leg and whirl passenger just over 90 min into the Canadian Great Lakes area.

The first two are beautiful, colourful and green times of the year to see Toronto, but travellers should avoid the challenge of cold winters when the temperature drops and the more ugly, busy and crowded side of the town is in sight.

The links between Newark and Toronto are so highly contested that two of the five lowest priced international routes from the United States of America are served by airlines on this particular leg. However, the lowest fares of the two - at least on avarage, as fares may of course change on certain days - are provided by Air Canada, whose 95 -minute flight to Toronto is via air.

Number three is a three-hour tour that takes you from the California Los Angeles Sonne to the Vancouver rainforest between the coastal hills and the Pacific on Canada's west shore. It is a great chance for LA locals to explore a US town that could hardly be different from their own.

Only $180 is enough for the San Diego locals to create their own little sunspot on the SoCal coastline for a hint of Mexico's magical beauty in the tranquil seaside resort of San Jose. San Jose is located at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Penninsula, which has its long link to the Pacific Ocean, and is a tranquil seaside resort ideally suited for a tranquil getaway from the big metropolis of San Diego.

Spirits offers amazingly low cost air services that are directly and only take two hour to reach the length of the Baja Peninsula. After all, the lowest fares you can find outside the United States are from New York JFK Airport to Toronto. Those planes are directly with a journey duration of almost two hrs, and somewhat unexpectedly they are not run by a US air company, but by TAM, the biggest air company in Brazil.

Obviously broken New Yorkers will have no trouble getting to Toronto with four different itineraries that are among the top 10 least expensive ways to travel from the United States. With Toronto's beautiful lake location, a variety of wonderful museum sites and great eating and drinking scenery, there are many good reason to take this choice of low cost flight across the Canada-borders.

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