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Whereody Johnson Jets

Jets, Woody Johnson's out. FLOORHAM PARK - For the first consecutive year since the beginning of 2000, Woody Johnson has nothing to do with the New York Jets. Johnson, who has owned the jets since 2000, became United States ambassador to the United Kingdom early this year, handing over all of his jet's responsibilities to his younger sibling Christopher.

On Wednesday, when Christopher Johnson made his first official comment since the takeover as incumbent shareholder, it made it very clear that Woody was not playing a topical part in the jets. "I' m in constant contact with him, but none of this is about football," Christopher Johnson said about Woody. "Christopher Johnson said Woody was not contacted early this week when the squad chose to swap the former Pro Bowl Passport Rusher Sheldon Richardson to Seattle for a second round.

When the jets come to make a fate judgement on Todd Bowles and General Managers Mike Maccaganan after this campaign, it will be Christopher's alone to do so. "There' s no Woody involved," said Christopher Johnson. Indeed, when Woody Johnson left the jets, he gave Christopher Johnson some easy words of counsel and guidance.

" Changing top positions will certainly be welcome by some jet enthusiasts as the squad, led by Woody Johnson, has fought hard. Jets have made the play offs in only six of the 17 season since he became owners in 2000, and have been missing the off-season for six years in a row.

Cristopher Johnson wants to make a difference. "Well what I really want to see is that we go to the Super Bowl, where I told my little sister I'd give him two free tickets," said Christopher Johnson. "Cause every little bro wants to show his big bro.

" Johnson has full command of the squad, but does not intend to engage in soccer. "It'?s the trainer. It' really up to the trainer and [General Manager] Mike [Maccagnan]. "Yes, the new incumbent jet operator has got a joke. Jones is, of course, the cowboy proprietor and general manager. Well, he's a cowboy.

There were seven jets not training on Wednesday as the jets were preparing for the dolphins, among them three starters: defence liner Muhammad Wilkerson (shoulder), legal protection Brian Winters (sore stomach) and broad recipient Robby Anderson (knee). Jet's coaches Todd Bowles said it was too early to exclude anyone from the Sunday match and did not disclose the seriousness of a player's injury.

Others jets that have not trained: line backer Freddie Bishop (ankle), Jonotthan Harrison centre (concussion), close end Eric Tomlinson (knee) and close end Eric Tomlinson (elbow). For the first outing since the operation to fix fractured originals around his eyes, Rontez Miles was restricted in practise, an accident he had contracted in the second pre-season.

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