G6 Plane Price

The G6 aircraft price

For the G650, the nominal list price was $64.5 million in 2013, but there was a three-year waiting list. n30ddj, 1995, call for price, 14 hours 38 seconds ago. We' look at the long-range Gulfstream G450, G550, G650 and the new G500 and G600. In-depth information, specifications, interior equipment, fuel costs, performance data and pictures of the private charter jet Gulfstream G650.

The Gulfstream G650 charter, sale and lease of aircraft

Gulfstream G650 Ultra-Large-Cabin, Ultra-High-Speed Commercial Airliner is the Gulfstream fleet's flag ship, designed for those who want more cabins, greater cruising ranges and greater cruising speeds. The Gulfstream G650's 704 mbph specified top speeds and 7,000 non-stop sea mile cruising distance enable it to travel farther and quicker than any conventional corporate airliner.

Gulfstream's G650 was first started in 2005 and the initial presentation was in 2008. The Gulfstream executive team said the G650 would be the biggest and quickest commercial aircraft to enter the game. In the next few years, the G650's appearance was thoroughly reviewed and refined, and in September 2012 it was awarded Federal Aviation Administration approval.

Gulfstream G650's styling is characterized by many enhancements and enhancements, such as unobstructed glider styling with a high-efficiency profile that lowers aerodynamic resistance while at the same time improving airspeed and cruising distance, enabling both higher cruising and quieter flying. Conveniences of this airplane are a front or rear on-board kitchen, front and rear toilets and a flexibly designed cab.

G650's spacious cab is 46mm in size. Eighty-three foot long, 6 meters. Twenty-two foot high, and stretch eight. Width 5 ft, which allows a cab capacity of 2,138 m³. Gulfstream G650's cab has both sleep and sitting options. In order to provide maximal accomodation for passengers, the cabins of this privately owned commercial aircraft can be designed to accommodate up to nineteen people.

You can configure the cab for ten occupants in a sleeper car configuration. Capacity for 195 cu. ft. of cargo and space for the needs of your guests. Gulfstream 5 inch sign window surrounds the booth, creating an aerial ambience that' perfectly suited for doing the business or relaxing.

The Gulfstream G650 is able to maintain a cabine height of only 3,000 ft at a cruise height of 41,000 ft. On top of this stunning performance, this privately owned commercial aircraft fills 100 per cent of its capacity every two to five hours for maximum passengers-friendliness. Two Rolls-Royce BR725 A1-12 power units power the Gulfstream G650.

G650's cruising distance extends over an amazing 7,000 sea mile, providing many targeting opportunities for your company. The G650, with a max certificated height of 51,000 ft, is able to take you to your destinations while fly over most airways. On the G650, the Gulfstream PlaneView II is the standard version of the G650's electronics package.

This system incorporates a bow-mount IR cam which is part of Gulfstream's Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and gives drivers a better vision of airports and off-road in poor weather condition. The EVS system can be guided to a Heads-Up Digital Representation (HUD) so that the driver can see the information on a clear monitor without looking down on the instrument.

Synthetic Vision System captures three-dimensional colour pictures of ground, obstacle and airport surroundings by using the instruments values on the PFD, making it much easier for the pilots to visualise both possible obstacle and approach situations. In addition, Gulfstream equipped the S650 with a fully automated, computerized, redundant flying bywire system.

The system offers small adjustments for a quieter ride and a more pleasant passenger environment.

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