8 Person Private Jet

Private jet for 8 people

The Bombardier Learjet 35A allows us to guarantee your comfort with a smooth and fast journey in a private jet with 8 passengers and 8 passengers. An elegant entry into the private jet class, the best price-performance ratio in jet charter, light jets have cabins for 6 to 8 passengers. Journey in style in this mid-size twin 8-passenger private jet. The Hawker 800XP is very popular among medium-sized private jets. Gulfstream G650 ultra large cabin, ultra high speed private jet.

Personal and business jet. Chicago.

The Chicago Charters Operation provides a versatile airline squadron that can meet almost any of your flight needs. Should one of our planes not meet your travelling needs, we will find the right one for you. Through the use of our contact to the branch net, we are able to offer almost all sizes of aircrafts that meet your chartering needs.

DuPage Airport is the seat of our fleet, but we are ready to take your flights from any of the other regional airport. Journey in style in this mid-size 8-person twin-jet private jet. The Hawker 800XP is very much in demand in the mid-size private jet market. The Learjet 35 has been a basic unit for corporate trips for years.

Offering space for eight people, this twin-engine jet has a cruising distance of around 2,000 mph.

Specification of products

Prepare to take off and take off in a private jet with a touch of class. During the ride above the skies, guests can enjoy the jet's roomy seats and let the pilots control everything from the dashboard. Elegant black-grey plane with room for two people and their pockets and lots of room for a desk and drink holder.

Jets folding under the plane facilitate take-off and land. Playmobil, Germany's biggest producer of games based in Zirndorf, Germany, has been manufacturing and selling games for more than 36 years. Playmobil's miniscule world encourages kids to discover and study while having a good time. Playmobil Palace transports children's fantasies into the Middle Ages, into the adventure sea with Playmobil birdies and many other thematic playgrounds.

Private jet charter Gulfstream G650

This Gulfstream is a premier corporate jet yacht offering private space, function and luxury comforts. The Gulfstream G650 is an extremely high-speed commercial jet and is quite easily the golden benchmark in corporate jet-charter aviation. Featuring 16 Gulfstream signed elliptical shaped Gulfstream window frames, this jet lets in lots of naturally occurring daylight and has its own low-pressure cab ventilation system so you'll come in fresh despite the flying range.

This private jet charters, often described as the Gulfstream fleet's flag ship, travels farther, quicker and more comfortable than any other corporate jet in its category. The G650 and the G650 ER (extended range) offer an extra 500 sea mile in two different versions for this spacious corporate jet.

Launched in 2008, the G650 Commercial Jet Charter transports 8-18 guests and a four-person flight crew on non-stop routes of 7,000 sea-mile ( 12,964 km). This means that this private jet will connect Dubai with New York and London with Buenos Aires. At present, the G650 holds more than 60 speeds, among them a West Directoral around the 41 hour and seven minute high.

This first class private jet charters provides 8 to 18 passengers for the sake of our customers' personal and business needs. With an airspeed of 594 mph and a cruising distance of 7,000 nm, our company jet charters are available for all types of aircraft. Gulfstream G650 features 195 ft luggage space, 8.5 cab width, 6.4 cm high, 53.6 cm long cab, closed toilet and complete kitchen.

The Gulfstream G650, newly acquired in 2016, has a listed value of 68.8 million dollars. A Gulfstream G650 can be chartered on JetOptions Private Jet by contact us today. Offer Gulfstream G650 Private Jet Charter:

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