I am Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm flying a jet plane.

Recently I bought this song "Leaving On A Jet Plane" from Peter, Paul and Mary and I am very happy with it. When I' ll be back, I don't know. Oh, babe, I hate to leave. The time has come now to leave you. My bags are all packed and ready for use at i´m

I' re leaving a jet plane, I don't know if I' ll be back. - Journey Forum

I' re leaving a jet plane, I don't know if I' ll be back. Hello everyone, two and a half to the Gatwick Hotel Russ Hill. Fly with Thomson at 10:15 a. M. tomorrow morning. Stay at Disney All Star Movies 2nd-9th and then Hawthorne Suites Universal 9th-16th. Go to the TA meeting in Universal on the twelfth.

Usually I say I'm looking for a big gal in big scarlet and scarlet crown but a few changes to this trip...not so big (lost 5 rock 3 n half a pound, but still bigger) and I now have bubblegum rose crown and no red, and wish everyone who makes happy holidays and secure trip...and for everyone who doesn't go...ner naer neer naer ner....lol, sorry coudlnt wid wid wid...ner naer uer ner...lol, sorry coupledlnt wid...wid..

I' m flying a jet plane.

Forgive Peter, Paul and Mary, a vocal group from the 1960s who used to sing the tune "I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane", but today I'm flying in a jet plane for my annual July break. I' m looking forward to replenishing my blogs juice when I come back fresh. And if you're looking for the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party, you can go to one of the other hosts on July 9th.

Just like me, the hosts will take a two-week hiatus from blogs in the last two months of July. See you on Monday, August 6th when the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party is resumed on this page. REGISTER AND GET A FREE PDF OF MY 13 FREE KEYWORD-TOOLS CD!

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Departure with a jet airplane from Peter, Paul & Mary

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