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Low-cost multi-stop flights

At STA Travel we offer exclusive air fares worldwide. Our cheap multi-city flights allow you to experience more of the world for less money. Most of the time, multi-stop flights are the cheapest. Receive exclusive, low-cost multi-stop rates for students and teens.

You should buy individual or multi-stop flights?!

The day-to-day work behind the curtains and the collaboration with airline and corporate partners provided an incalculable glimpse into the worlds of touring! The possibility of differentiating between individual and multi-purpose flights and their advantages makes sense. Multi-stop flights can help you make a big saving when used properly!

I had no clue how flights/airlines work before I joined STA and had a great deal to start learning. Naive I went into my first days and thought: "Book flights, how difficult can it be?! If you are not in the millions and a rule of sinking the airline companies and their flights, I will give you some hints to help you decide whether individual or multipurpose flights are best suited for your travel route.

Individual ticketing... Multi-stop... What's the big deal?! Honestly, they both do what they say on the can - a one-way is a one-way flight from one location to another, while multi-stop flights are a set of flights to several locations, but all under one "ticket". So for a route that covers Thailand, Singapore and Australia, you can either choose individual UK -> Thailand -> Singapore -> Singapore -> Singapore -> Out -> UK (i.e. 4 tickets)...or...a multi-stop route that has all these flights under one ticketing (practically a one-way flight back to Out with stops in Thailand and Singapore).

A further possibility would be to choose the following multi-stop flights: Great Britain -> Thailand and then Singapore -> Out -> Great Britain who would keep Thailand open to Singapore to reserve a one-way seat at a later date. For example, if you weren't sure how long you wanted to stay in Thailand and Singapore.

It is sometimes much less expensive to operate smaller or in-house flights with low-cost airlines, e.g. Air Asia for this example. Which is the best choice? Most of the times, multi-stop flights are the least expensive. However, most individuals are conscious that a one-way fare is less expensive than purchasing two single flights, and the same is true for multi-stop flights.

And the more stations you can get into a fare, the less expensive it should be (compared to purchasing the same route as individual flights). This only works to your advantage, however, if you combine routes/airlines that serve the destination you want to go to and if you are traveling logically.

In case your route would run from Great Britain -> USA -> Ibiza-> Australia -> Canada -> Uruguay -> Great Britain, you would encounter all sorts of possible difficulties. Above route also covers smaller airfields that do not necessarily have aircraft flying to the places you want to reach.

On your way to Australia you are assured of a stop, so that you will not only have to reckon with higher costs, but also with a much longer travel itinerary. STA Travel's way of making many multi-stop flights work (and why they are so cheap) is to use destination that are all served by one carrier, or a few carriers that have access to it.

I' ve been selling this accurate trip (all flights) for only £700. This is quite good when you consider that a direct trip back to Aus or New Zealand will automatically taste a lot more expensive................ Then why is it so cheap? Emirates covers all goals that will be reached during this route.

That means you pay Emirates effective for a round-trip to New Zealand; you only get off a few flights on the way. As it is in a logic order and Emirates does not calculate stops (only a small fee to get out of the airports is covered by the price of the ticket) - this trip can prove to be a very good one!

If you want, you could beat Dubai in there, too, which would be free, because Dubai is the Emirates turnstile, so all flights have to end there. What is the best time for a flight? Whether you believe it or not, there are actually periods when individual flights are working out a better or less expensive route for you.

When you plan to visit isolated places, such as Mongolia, a restricted number of carriers will be flying there. If you have some funny destination, as I said before, the likelihood that you will make several stops will be higher - or maybe even impossible. - If your flights are too far apart.

All flights are only cleared 11 month in advanced, so if you are leaving for a longer timeframe, purchasing multi-stop flights may not be a practical choice! Therefore, it would be foolish to bind yourself to a series of connecting flights that you may never use. Choose large international destinations - e.g. choosing Bangkok via Cambodia/ Vietnam/ Laos may spare you CHARGES when travelling to Southeast Asia.

It is a huge turnstile and a number of carriers are flying there, making fares more attractive. Municipal transportation is cheap (under $10), easily worked out and you can get to Cambodia the same morning, even if you leave Bangkok in the afternoons. - If you are working out a great travel route, it is MUCH simpler to go into a shop and engage with one individual than to try to do everything on your computer.

You will also find that most multi-stop bookings are a little shitty and don't just let you do what you want. You can also bring in your experience - maybe a slight change in your travel route would spare you a few pfennigs........ you will know! A further advantage of making a reservation with one is that you have a dedicated point of reference for your flights.

You can' call the airline, it'?s no joke! You can also let them know if your flights had a timetable shift - the airline companies will be changing their schedules a great deal and you will want to be noticed. I hope that these hints will help you to secure some cheap flights! Please if you have special question about multi-stop flights in general, please leave a message below - I would be very pleased to review your itineraries and see if there is anything I can think of that would help you make some savings!

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