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Powerful>What are Multi-City Flights? Whats multi-city flying? Are you looking for an simple and argument-free way to plan your vacation with your hostess? You will see that it is not necessary to concentrate on only one continents or regions, you can browse the globe with the multi-city navigation tools! Once you have selected all the flight choices, click on the orange "Search flights" icon and you will be taken to a page with all the results.

The results on the leftside of the page can be filtered according to your preference for departures, airport, total travel time and number of stays. To see more detail about a particular trip, click a search results. A popup will open showing detailed information about each flight when you click on the arrow to extend it.

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Whats multi-city flying?

For a long time, travellers have known that reserving multi-city air tickets while traveling can help saving a lot of moneys. Whats multi-city flying? One of the most frequent uses of multi-city flying is when you are flying to one town and from another. It is an appealing choice for those who want to explore more than one town without having to backtrack.

With a multi-town flight search, for example, you can go to London and go home from Rome. In order to get to your ultimate destination, you can either go on the road or include more planes in your multi-city flight search so that you have a unique route. So why multi-city flying?

In addition to being convenient, multi-city air travel is attractive because it allows you to visit different towns "for free" or at low costs. If, for example, you have flown from Toronto, you can stop in Vancouver on your way to Hong Kong or in Dubai on your way to India. When you get imaginative, there are some stunning itineraries you can find with a multi-town flight search, so we'd like to show you how to use this function.

The search for the ideal multi-city flight is simple as soon as you get the knack. With our step-by-step instructions, you'll be a flight search fan in no time at all. Click on the New Flight at the bottom of the page to create your own route. Up to four additional stages for a grand total of six trips can be added to your multi-city flight search.

When you have selected your destination, click the Search flight icon. With our multi-city flight search, you can travel from Toronto to Hawaii - with stopovers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles - for less than $1,000. Go around with your appointments and places to find the right way before making your definitive reservation.

Make your flight reservation and get the most out of it! Not every flight has to be coordinated with each other to perfection when it comes to your multi-city flight bookings. Our example above shows that we went to L.A. before going to Hawaii a few nights later. Now, after you land in L.A., you could go down the Pacific Coast Highway before taking a flight from San Francisco to Hawaii.

You can also travel to Tokyo from Toronto. Don't be frightened to temporarily use your airport's airport services or even take a flight when making reservations for your multi-city outings.

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