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Lastminute Beach Excursions

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Cana Punta, Dominican Republic

The D.R. is one of the most popular tourism destination in the Caribbean for several reasons: hot, crystal clear water, plenty of sun and sands and a relaxed pace that permeates the everyday atmosphere. This trip to the Gulf Coast, an impossible smooth, six miles long, section of land, attracts wildlife enthusiasts and golfer alike.

Golfer can go to the picturesque apartments of the Kiva Dunes Golf Club. Virginia Beach's promenade, three miles long and waiting for fun, entertainment and entertainment of all types, is just right for something wild. It is one of the most family-friendly holiday resorts in the county, and the newest beach resorts in the area, Oceanaire, is easily accessible from the promenade.

Here you can swim for ice skating and watching dolphins as this Gulf Coast dive site is a must for dive wrecks and reefs. Panama City itself is full of arts, ancient shops, dining and shellfish fairs where you can have a snack or take along refreshing local produce to get ready in a condo; try the inexpensive Grand Panama Beach Resort.

Allow the masses to flow to Cape restaurants that favor the swells, dunes and hot water supplied by the Golf Current of this beach in New England. Perhaps the premier pick-up-and-go resort, Mexico has no lack of shelter along the Riviera. Those who want to take a rest from the vast sandy shores of the island can visit the ancient remains of the Maya of Chichen Itza and Tulum.

James Beard's ghost, the great gourmet of America, penetrates the Oregon coastline. Here, the Dean of America Cookery enjoyed a holiday, and refreshing bounties such as smoked fish, Dungeness crabs and shaving shells make the area delicious and tempting for gourmets. Gourmets in search of a last-minute romance getaway can enjoy the Stephanie Inn overlooking the beach and the famous Haystack Rock, the third biggest single rock in the whole family.

Performers like to seek sanctuary on this sandy path half way between LA and San Diego for its various galeries, publics arts, crafts fairs and seasonal events such as the Sawdust Arts Festival and the Festival of Arts, both of which last until Labor Day. Visit Laguna Beach, the region's offical tourist website, hosts summers of thefts.

Explore the real significance of "irie" on the ultimative migration to the islands, the ideal place to enjoy regengae tunes, unmistakable food and bathing water. Often flown and plenty of hotel accommodation make it especially cute for spontaneous travellers. The North Fork of Long Iceland is the right place for those who need more landscape and less "scene" than the Hamptons.

Located at its top, just behind the countless vinyards and wine estates, the picturesque Greenport is a great place to relax. Shelter Island is a quiet municipality just a few moments above Long Island Sound, where a stop at Sunset Beach is a must.

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