Taxi Meter


Substitute bulky built-in taximeters with a modern digital taximeter app. Taxis equipment that sets standards. Industry-leading taximeter and taxi skylights set the industry standard for those fleets that have to compete. The GPS taximeter app for those who earn by driving. Ideal for towing, shuttle buses, limousine services or taxi drivers.

Taxameter - Professional taximeter application for taximeters

A precise softwares taxi meter developed in collaboration with driver and regulatory authorities available at iPhone?, iPad? and Android? Connect with the thousand of commercial vehicle operators already using taximeters around the world. Developed with a real "LED effect" known to your riders and clients. Upgrades to the included preset can be down-loaded from the web, and we will be adding your tariffs free of cost so that your driver can down-load them.

Capture each setting in text or CSV protocols and have it sent periodically and auto-generated by email. Those three little words, cheap, precise and trustworthy, describe our design objectives with taximeters. Our goal was to launch a cost-effective, dependable, GPS-based measurement system for the global taxi market. The taximeter was already published in 2010 at Android Eclair and has since been periodically upgraded with added functionality proposed by end-customers and supervisors.

OBD-II puts its precision on the same level as any conventional counter that uses the CAN network as the input for its car RPM sensing impulse. Think of some of the cost reductions you could make by changing to a counter based on your own application..... Taximeter Android? has the following functions that are not included in the Android? release.

It is now possible to remotely use the Proxy Service taximeter to gain IP address control from different units in the same group. Datalogging - Records your location, meter readings and rates in the clamp (with a small per month fee that contributes to your servers costs). Best-of-breed taximeter application! It' the best taxi application on the market.

THE BEST METER-APPE! At first I was a little sceptical because all the other meter applications on Google Player were crummy. I' ve been a taxi rider in the USA for over 10 years and this is better than a normal meter! At first I only used it with the actual positioning system information and tried it out to make sure it worked properly (tested in my taxi), then I purchased BT OBD2 and it's even better than I thought!

It works as good and precise as a normal taximeter. It' really better than the meter itself. I' m installing taximeters and this is an awesome application. I' m a taxi chauffeur, I've been riding for 15 years and this is the best application. It was very good and turned out to be very precise when a comparative test was performed with an officially calibred Manchester UK taximeter.

Don't spend your free hours with free applications that are rubbish! This works very well, it is exact - used with a true taximeter. It'?s all it says, programmed like a meter and it' s exact. I' ll work on getting the chief to standardise on all the riders.

My converter on my own measuring device broke down and I bought this application so I could work on the weekends. Even the rate for my meter was pre-programmed. It has the look and feeling of a wired taximeter that costs several hundred bucks. It works just as well as, if not better than, a Centrodyne meter that leads tough cables to the car.

Deliver cutting edge, accessible and high value added softwares that deliver long-term business value to our clients.

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