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Display or split your driver's license information If your license is granted outside England, Wales or Scotland, you may not use this Site. It is a crime to obtain the data of another person without their consent. Either an application to the DVLA or a cover letter with the following information can be sent: Please submit your request:

The DACT team, DVLA, Swansea,

Have your driving licence renewed

If your name or your track has change, you cannot submit your application now. Each 10 years you must update a photo card license - you will get a memory before your license expires. If you are applying on-line, your driving licence should be received within one workweek. It is necessary to return your old photo card license to DVLA when you get your new license.

You will be informed of the required mailing addresses when you complete your online registration. The new license is effective from the date of approval of your request, not the expiration date of your existing license. Once you have registered, DVLA will e-mail you a verification e-mail. You' ll get a dunning notice by mail.

Bring it to a mailroom dealing with the extension of the license for your photo card using your own photo card. If you don't have a memo you will need your photo card license to send your application to the postal service. If your name has change, you cannot send an application to the postal service. You have to send your application by mail.

You can order a "D1 package" of paper copies from DPLA or obtain one from a post office dealing with the extension of the DPLA photo card or motor car surcharge. Please submit your application: You should receive your driver's license within 3 week. It is possible to drive on while waiting for the arrival of your new driving licence.

Changing the adress on your driver's license.

Changing the addresses on both: Changing your adress with DVLA is free. Well, you can still go while you wait for your new license. In case you want to modify your name at the same moment, you have to send your application by mail. Up to £1,000 may be imposed if you do not inform DVLA if your mailing details are changed.

If you know your driver's license number, your social security number and your identity card number, enter them. Also, you must modify the adress in your registration document and the motor charge debit (if you are paying so). When your license is still in effect for at least 2 years, you will need to extend it to modify your photograph.

When it is less than 2 years old, you can modify your picture by updating your adress. There is no charge if you are over 70 years old or have a short-term health license. It is not possible to have your new home registered on your UK driving licence. You should consult the driving licence authorities in your new home state.

You will receive a DVLA e-mail confirming your registration. You should receive your upgraded license within a week when you register first. Please call DVLA if it has not been received after 3 consecutive working days.

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