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Co-ordinating travel plans for a large group can be difficult and time consuming. The PBJ offers VIP cost-effective solutions for all private group aircraft charter trips worldwide. GroƟgruppenjet-Charter | Group charter flights A group charter is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to get from the transport of corporate staff and sport team up to touristrockbands. Choosing this kind of charter services is highly versatile and can be customized to your needs. When you need group flights that offer a little more styling and convenience, bigger aircraft like the Embraer 145 or the Airbus A318 are certainly worth considering.

For a group charter to be a success, you must first select a suitable airplane for your particular specific route. Passenger numbers: Of course, it is important to select an airplane that is large enough to accomodate the number of travelers in a safe and comfortable manner. In addition, there is enough room for your own belongings and the extra equipment needed for the journey.

Route: Some planes have a better cruising speed than others. Cabins: Do you need a simple company jet or a comfortable company jet in which a group of high-end managers can meet while traveling? Aeroplane performance: If you operate in isolated areas where aerodrome facilities are restricted, you will need to find a group charter that provides sufficient load bearing capability for your crew and the take-off and landing strip capability to reach this smaller aerodrome securely.

In order to accomodate a large number of travelers, you would look at the following airplane classes: Turbo-prop: With up to 50 passenger capacity, Turbo-prop is an economic choice for short- and medium-haul services. Although it is not unusual for these airplanes to be used in higher seat densities, it is also possible to decrease the number of airline seatings in order to create a more roomy cabinscape and higher luggage volumes.

A few of the most common options in this category are: Combining cruising distance, cruising speeds and cab interior comforts, these long-range aircraft are in high demand by those looking for a luxurious group charter adventure. For many, the cruising distance is well over 5,000 mph or up to 12-hour non-stop flights, allowing up to 16 passengers to easily travel to distant locations.

Lots of today's large jetliners are also equipped with the latest cabins enhancements, such as complete kitchens, entertaining facilities and Wi-Fi, as well as personal bedroom and office space. Travelers also benefit from the flexibility to reach out in a spacious standing height cab. Several of the most beloved planes in this class for group charter are::

Air charter: Featuring the highest load capacities and the longest ranges of any civil jet, charter planes are perfect for large group transportation at the level of comforts. Using adaptable seat configurations, you can take advantage of a more dense setup to maximise efficiency, or reduce it to create a cab interior that is roomy and relaxed.

A group flight aboard a charter plane is suited for many uses, including: Seat capacity within this category can vary significantly. Aircrafts such as the Boeing Business Jet provide a low-density configuration with 16 to 30 seats to provide maximum passenger convenience and function. Some of the favourite group charter planes in this category are:

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