Great River Aviation

The Great River Aviation

The official company name of the company is Great River Aviation Ltd. and is still known as "Great River Air". Contact information and fleet of the aircraft operator for GREAT RIVER AVIATION, LLC. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Great River Aviation in Quincy, IL.

All of our business is dedicated to delivering the level of protection, assurance and services that YOU, our customers, earn.

All of our business is dedicated to delivering the level of protection, assurance and services that YOU, our customers, earn. Air trainings are offered in the programmes part 141 as well as part 61. Working with our pupils, we provide programmes to suit their needs and schedule. Proud to be one of the few flying school in Illinois to provide this facility to our vets.

The Great River Aviation

Mike and Lee Lindsay Curtis had the chance in August 2003 to join their aviation passion and fellowship involvement with the challenges and rewards of founding the company. After eight years, their company Great River Aviation offers a broad spectrum of service to Quincy locals and companies as well as airline passengers and travellers from all over the state.

The facilities and employees of Great River Aviation are often the first - and sometimes the only - part of Quincy's pilot and traveller community to enjoy either personal or charters travel after landings. It is a convenient place to work or just unwind and provides many conveniences for pilot awaiting you. The Great River Aviation personnel quickly provide help with transport on the floor and suggest attractions and activities as well as places to dine and sleep in Quincy.

It acts as a fixed-base carrier (FBO) for Quincy Regional Airport and provides general aviation assistance to Baldwin Field general aviation carriers. Bureau of Aviation Operations provides refuelling, park, hangar warehousing, airplane servicing and inspection, airplane hire, leasing, sale and more related activities. "We have an FAA accredited flying school that teaches anyone aiming for any licensing tier from the private pilot certificate to the air traffic pilot licence, which is the highest tier in the aviation world.

Quincy University also collaborates with us to offer Associate and Bachelor of Science education in Aviation and Aviation Management programmes, where more than 20 current college and college graduates are undergraduates. Another important part of Great River Aviation's operations is the provision of charters. Air services can be charters for companies or individual travellers and offer more conveniences and amenities.

"Local air travel, many of it to Chicago for corporate travel or ball games, is common," Mike said. We' ve had pairs getting betrothed and even exchanging marriage oaths on charter planes. For charter airlines, you can choose how much you want to achieve between your leisure and your work. In spite of increasing regulatory pressures and the casual challenge of running a company in a cost-conscious environment, Mike and Lee Lindsay Curtis have not given up their passion for the game.

More information about Great River Aviation is available at (217) 885-3353 or

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