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The Hackney car (or "taxi") is a means of transportation that is authorized to "rent". You can: rent or rent a passenger; take him or her to the airport; parking him or her on one of the parking levels to wait for him or her to come closer. The Hackney car must be used by a Hackney qualified chauffeur. You will find Hackney carriage cars in the rows around Clitheroe and they can be called on the road.

They have a skylight with the words TAXI. You have a small sign on the windshield and a small sign on the back that shows the expiration date, license plates and license plates. Hackney carrier's licenses are of two types: A taxi, once a license is issued, is always a taxi until the license is expired.

Vehicles must undergo a TÜV and garages test to guarantee their security before being registered. Taxis are charged under certain circumstances. Riders in the Ribble Valley must take a driving test before they can obtain a driver's license. Instructions for people who apply for the Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Driver's Test are available upon application.

The taxi driver's license is granted under certain circumstances. Additionally to the license terms the Hackney Carriage statutes have to be observed. For information on Hackney carriage cars and riders already approved for operation in the Ribble Valley, please refer to our public register. Under the new terms of this Act, which entered into effect on 1 December 2016, driving licenses and driving licenses may not be granted to persons residing unlawfully in the United Kingdom who are not allowed to work or who are allowed to work but are required to comply with a requirement which prevents them from obtaining such a license.

It is therefore necessary for the Council to invite all claimants to provide one of several required documentation showing that the claimant is authorised to reside in the United Kingdom and to work as an operating company or individual loan or Hackney rider. Council has prepared a leaflet setting out the conditions, see Taxi Immigration Act 2016 A shortlist of suitable documentation is annexed to the leaflet.

In the event that the claimant has criminal records and/or precautions in place, these will be taken into account in the light of the Council's conviction policies for Hackney Carriage and for Private Driver'sire. See the Directive on Drivers' Verdicts for more information. The system applies to all personal driver and vehicle approved by the Ribble Valley Borough Council.

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