How to Apply Taxi Licence

Applying for a taxi license

Application and costs for private rental of taxis, hackney carriage and minibus licenses. To apply for a taxi license The operation of a taxi approved by that authority requires a taxi licence. Where can I apply? Please see our instructions on how to apply for information about the job interview procedure, as well as the details: Should you be planning to send your resume to our Service Desk, you will need to make an appointment via our on-line reservation system.

Learn more about event licensing. You can find detailed information on our latest rates and acceptable means of payments in our rates and rates document[120kb]. Will not be approved without the right charge. Could anyone contradict an use?

Applying for a taxi driver's license -

City of Salford

Are you interested in a new taxi car rental as a Hackney coach rider or individual rider? Please complete the following process. In order to make a valuation you must make an Appointment, this costs 50, this is non-refundable, it will be subtracted from the definitive charge.

Evaluation includes elementary verbal communications, reading and arithmetic tests to make sure you have the necessary abilities to be a Salford rental or home driving hackneyer. In the course of the evaluation we will conduct a DBS test (formerly known as PRB test) at a price of £45.50. The DBS test will be extended.

A Certificate of Good Conduct is necessary if you have been living outside the UK for the past five years, see the taxi admission guidelines for more information. Information on sentences, permanent sentences, road sentences, financial sanctions or precautionary formalities. In case of non-compliance with the necessary documents, the date will be called off and a new date with costs will be agreed upon.

Next available valuation date is August 2018. As soon as your DBS has been given back and is satisfying, you will need to take a test of your level of proficiency and fitness. It'?s £50. You will receive an e-mail with a booking and payment confirmation for this test. If you have any pertinent condemnations, however, you will be approached by a member of the license group.

Please refer your request to the License Regulatory Panel for a ruling, see the Taxi License Guidelines for more information. Costs are £50 per test. Eventually, once all the above points have been successfully concluded, you will need to complete a health care card from your family doctor, which will incur costs.

Then you will receive a hyperlink to schedule an appointment to check your request, talk about your request and, if your request is accepted, have your license granted. Overall costs for the licence are £279. These include the DBS and examination fee, but not the costs of the health care card payable to your family doctor.

Before you can make an appointment, you must enter your data with us.

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