Apply for Taxi Licence

Application for taxi license

The new online process makes applying for and renewing taxi and private rental licenses faster and easier. Sign up for a car for the carriage of business people. You have to declare your truck as a utility truck? What does it take to get a registration? You have to declare your truck as a utility truck?

In Victoria, only registrated utility cars can lawfully render utility carservices. To use your own truck for the provision of non-reserved ( taxi ) utility or reserved ( rental ) truck service, you must notify us of your use.

Unpurchased service means a journey coming from the road or rented from a recognized taxi stand. Included in the reserved services: The applicant must own the vehicles in order to allow them to be admitted as utility vehicles. Property includes: all companies in whose name a car is incorporated under the Road Safety Act 1986 (e.g. incorporated with VicRoads or an intergovernmental equivalent).

A first registration charge of $53.80 is charged for each car you sign up as a utility car. You can use your car as a utility car for 12 month if authorised. If you wish to use the car to perform additional tasks in relation to the tasks you have reserved, you must log on to the on-line registration page.

Rolling stock supplying non-reserved service must comply with certain conditions. When your request is accepted, your car will be admitted to perform reserved service, as all licensed trucks are able to perform reserved service by standard. If you plan to use the car for the provision of disability friendly service, you must register on the on-line registration page.

Utility machinery offering handicapped access services: They cannot admit a car if it is already admitted as a utility car. It is your responsability to make sure that the car you are requesting for registration is not already in use. Review the open registry to verify it, or if the open registry is not available, please notify us.

In the event that your car is licensed as a utility car for another individual or organisation, that individual or organisation must notify us of the transfer and revoke the current license before you can apply. In order to apply for admission of a car as a utility car, you must complete the on-line car rental request forms.

We will ask you to fill in your VIN and license plate number. Depending on the kind of service you have named that you want to offer. The applicant should be familiar with the approval requirements applicable to the use of a utility craft. Every 12 month, all utility cars must be checked.

The following information must be affixed to all non-booked vehicles: ticket information on a label on the outside of the car so that it is clearly legible from the side to the front, and another inside the car that is clearly legible to the passenger in all sitting postures.

Requests for admission of utility vehicles offering only reserved service will be accepted as soon as you have received your e-mail confirming your request after you submit your request on-line. Requests for admission of utility vehicles providing unreserved and/or disabled access shall normally be accepted within 10 working day. For the continuation of the admission of the vehicle for use as a utility car, an annuity is to be paid each year.

The annuity fee is due on or near the date of filing. In the case of preparing rolling stock for the provision of non-booked and/or disabled service, the roadworthiness test must be carried out by an authorised rolling stock inspector (LVT) after all necessary devices have been fitted in the rolling stock.

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