Private Jets under 2 million

Under 2 million private jets

The 60 is a very popular charter jet that can be bought for only 2 million dollars. Seven private jets from ill fame. Those conspicuous jets aren't going under the radars. Private flight is one thing, just like royal flight is another. "Generally, smaller corporate jets can travel higher because they are lighter and have a better push to mass balance.

However, the major advantages of higher altitude flight are the prevention of bad weather conditions, turmoil and possibly more favourable winds," says Henry.

However, this does not prevent the wealthy and celebrities from taking their small jets into town. Prior to Air Force One, President Trump travelled the globe with his own Boeing 757. At a net value of $340 million, it's no wonder Floyd "Money" Mayweather flew the kind sky in one of his two private jets, Air Mayweather 1 and Air Mayweather 2.

A Gulfstream III, the second aircraft, has 14 blank hide berths, four of which can be turned into a cot. Golden cups, stitched cushion covers and a fully equipped galley are some of the benefits in the Boxer's aircraft. Brunei Sultan is travelling in an Airbus A340-212 known as the "Flying Palace".

" Roofed cabins are adorned with noble metal, gemstones, precious timber, Lalique crystals and massive gilt wash basins. His other 747-400 jet boasts taps in silver, a butterfly valve in the dashboard and a full satin rug. Konrad Adenauer, the Chancellor of the German private Airbus A340-313X, is named after the first Chancellor of Germany and offers space for around 150 people.

Flats with shower rooms, bedroom, office and a meeting room with videocommunication devices are located in the humble cab. At $300 million, the aircraft's cost also included the IFF (Identification, Friends or Enemies) system, rocket defence system and extra petrol tank for traveling up to 8,400 mile.

A $125 million Gulfstream III, in the hands of Tyler Perry, the famous German actress, maker and stage manager, has a custom theatre on the ship with dedicated lights, electronic cooling moon window shutters, a 42-inch HD LCD display and a number of Blu-ray player. Perry's aircraft also has a stylish dinning room, a contemporary galley and a private V.I.P. room.

Three Boeing jets of Roman Abramovich, the Japanese business man, each have their own quality, but his Boeing 767-33AER has a banqueting room with 30 seats, a galley and an elaborate stateroom made of noble metal and mirror finished wood and cheststanientisch. Bandit, as he is known for his slanted strips near the dashboard, also has a $2 million anti-ballistic defensive system, guests rooms with twin berths and soft suede stools.

As a rule, the drivers of these jumpers will have the same experiences. "Tailoring a cab doesn't mean adjusting the flight deck. I think a flyer who flies the airliner would probably find that the front end of the VIP model is basically the same when it is made in the same year," Henry says.

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