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The Mihin Lanka flight status The Mihin Lanka was founded by the Sri Lankan authorities in October 2006, but started its activities in April 2007. Colombo's carriers operated two Airbus A320s on lease to destinations such as Tiruchirapalli, Thiruvananthapuram, Bodhgaya, Bangkok, Singapore and the Maldives in India and the Middle East. Within a year of their take-off, however, the carriers were losing their aircraft to their Turkish and Bulgarian counterparts.

Mihin Lanka was thus compelled to discontinue all activities in April 2008. Mihin Lanka returned to service on 1 January 2009 with a 19 year old rented Airbus A320 flying to Dubai. Later it was superseded by a former Air Deccan Airbus A 320. In December 2010, Mihin Lanka bought his first own Airbus A321.

Following the third aircraft's completion in August 2012, Mihin Lanka expanded its offer to include Bangkok and Singapore. The Mihin Lanka facility began operating in April 2007 with two Airbus A320s hired from India. In 2009, after losing both planes in 2008, the carriers rented another Airbus 320, which was soon superseded by an ex Air Deccan Airbus 320 and later by an Airbus A320-200, which is still part of the airline's current family.

In addition to the Airbus A3220, the Mihin Lanka currently has an Airbus A321-200 bought by the carriers in December 2010. In August 2012, a third Airbus A321 was added to the family. While the Airbus A321 has a simultaneous carrying capability of 180 seats, the Airbus A321 has a maximum of 210 seats.

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The Mihin Lanka Airlines offer non-stop service to major cities on the subcontinent, Asia and the Middle East from their major hubs at Bandaranaike International Airport. Throughout its history, the company has developed into a trustworthy aviation label for its outstanding service and on-board security. Recently Mihin Lanka also entered into a codeshare with SriLankan Airlines to further enhance its existing networks.

Booking portal is quick, safe and user-friendly. Mihin Lanka's website also provides a comprehensive overview of the latest Mihin Lanka offers, in-flight entertainments, the most frequently used Mihin Lanka itineraries, free luggage allowances, check-in information and updated airfares. The Mihin Lanka is flying to 11 international locations and networks, including Dhaka in Bangladesh, Jakarta and Medan in Indonesia and Madurai, Kolkata, Gaya and Varanasi in India.

In addition, the carrier operates flights to Sharjah and Bahrain in the Middle East, Lahore in Pakistan and the Seychelles. The booking of Mihin Lanka is possible in two different categories: It'?s Busines Class: Uh, economics class: The Mihin Lanka Online Check-in is currently not available, but the carrier has a dedicated airports desk for quick check-in.

The Mihin Lanka International Airports check-in desk opens 3 hrs in advance and closes 60 min in advance. With Mihin Lanka the air traffic situation can be viewed with information on origin, final point of landing, date of landing and date of landing. The free luggage for Mihin Lanka to and from all our locations is considerable and meets all your needs.

Free luggage allowances for hold baggage: The free luggage of Mihin Lanka Airlines is free for up to 30 kg in Economical and 40 kg in Businesss Class to all destination. Luggage or handbag: The Mihin Lanka company allows the passenger to take along a small amount of cabin luggage not exceeding 7kg. If you have small children, the carrier provides free check-in luggage up to 10 kg.

A surcharge will be levied for additional luggage. Airline companies also serve tasty warm dishes such as Colombo, Jakarta and Bahrain menus as well as a wide selection of drinks for all aboard at low costs from $2. It is forbidden to smoke on any flights from Mihin Lanka.

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